Winter Holiday Ideas Besides Skiing


The first snowflakes of winter have started to fly through the cold, Late Fall winds, bringing about an instinctive cringe through your body.  Thoughts turn to shoveling, walking through slush on the way to the bus, and pitch black commutes home through the darkness of a late afternoon in early December.

The other members of your family, most notably your spouse and kids, are in a totally different mood.  They see the first signs of snow as the harbinger of a season full of hooting and hollering as they hurdle their way down a hauntingly beautiful alpine peak.  You wish you could get into their adrenaline-producing fun, but maybe you just couldn’t get the hang of this sport when you were younger, or you are really afraid of getting hurt.  Maybe a past injury is precluding you from getting out on the slopes … or maybe this sport simply just doesn’t interest you in the slightest.

Whatever the reason, you still yearn to bond with your loved ones by engaging in a little wintertime fun by partaking in some winter holidays. In doing so, you create some positive memories to attach to this cold season, so you can have something to look back on and forward to at this time of year.  As it turns out, there are plenty of things you can do for fun during the Winter that don’t involve throwing yourself down a steep mountain piste in what seems to be an act of suicide to you.

With that in mind, here are some alternate activities that will get you playing outside this winter with your friends and family:

1) Go Skating Outdoors – The graceful act of skating gets you outdoors, breathing the ice cold air.  Push yourself along the surface with short, gliding strokes, pushing off with your back leg, while bringing your front leg forward in a gliding motion.  This sport can take a bit of practice to get down right, but once you get it, you’ll be flying along like a pro figure skater or hockey player.  And if you’re both not that great, it’ll still be an adorable way to spend an evening together with your significant other!

2) Go for A Dip At A Local Hot Spring Resort – This might seem a bit crazy at first mention, but once you take the plunge, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.  Even when the winter chill bites at its hardest, all of it melts away in the face of hot mineral waters that are 40c (102f) or more.  If it’s cold enough, try spreading hot water over your hair in a Mohawk shape.  The water will quickly freeze, giving you an icy version of the latest hair craze of the moment!

3) Dog Sledding – Can’t get enough of our cute, loyal, loving best friends?  Then hire a team of huskies and go out for a sled into the wilderness.  Led by trained guides, you’ll get to see verdant evergreen forests, towering mountains, and peaceful frozen lakes from Switzerland to Canada while getting towed along by adorable, happy, hardworking sled dogs!

Truth be told, this is just a short selection of things that you can do on holiday during the winter.  From tubing to snowmobiling, snowshoeing to ice fishing and even a game of touch snow football, your imagination is the only limit to the fun you can have outside during the winter.

Well, okay, maybe a set of warm dry clothes … but beyond that, the possibilities are endless!

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