Which Suitcase is Right for Your Travels?


Whether you’re planning an adventure halfway round the world or popping to your nearby city for an overnight stay, it’s hard to decide which suitcase fits your needs. Are you trekking across Mongolia? Vacationing in Spain? Off to some exotic beaches in Barbados?  Read on for ideas on what’s needed.

Packing can seem like an impossible task at the best of times, but with the right case in your hands you can tackle any situation with ease.

Hard Shell Cases
If you’re heading on a glamorous package holiday or are travelling with the kiddies in tow, it may be easier to travel with wheels, as well as store your luggage in a case that is more likely to keep your items protected.

These can be heavy and sluggish but retailers such as Luggage Superstore stock over 250 lightweight luggage options for cabin storage (and bigger) so you can wheel your trolley case without straining your spine or any other muscles.

Soft Holdalls
Although it won’t protect your contents from knocks and bumps as well as a hard shell does, a soft holdall gives your stuff the replacement benefit of flexibility and a lower weight. When travelling in a group, packing a soft holdall means you can travel efficiently and squeeze multiple suitcases into a cramped car boot or storage roof rack.

Easily fitting into tight spaces, a soft case can be compacted when not full so you really will only take what you need too. If you don’t like carrying your life on your back, rucksack-style, then a sports bag or holdall is ideal – many even come with built-in wheels if you’re travelling long distances on foot.

If you’re nipping through busy cities and wandering over harsh terrains – think everywhere from cobbles streets to jungle mountains – then it may be easier to travel ‘hands free’.

Yes, wearing your luggage on your back is preferred by a lot of travellers, simply because they can keep their precious cargo with them at all times.

Aside from country-hopping single travellers, a backpack is useful for parents too. It’s hard enough holding a toddlers hand as well as navigating a wheeled suitcase.

Unfortunately, growing a third or fourth arm isn’t an option, so a backpack it is! All your go-to items are only a pull of a zip away – so ideal for busy parents with the backpacking bug.

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