What to do on the Caribbean Islands

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The Caribbean Islands, with their close proximity to the U.S., have long been a playground for Americans looking for a tropical destination. As such, the tourism industry there is thriving, with activities available to satisfy even the most discerning of travellers. Here’s a list of things to do if you’re looking for a Caribbean holiday in 2014.

Swim with dolphins

As they are Islands, there are plenty options for the water lover. Experience the amazing by taking a swim with some dolphins. From Jamaica to the Grand Caymans, almost all of the islands offer the opportunity to get up close and personal, so grab a fin and go for a ride.

Zipline through the forest

Along with being surrounded by water, the Caribbean islands are filled with forests. What better way to see them than by flying through the trees at up to 50 kilometres per hour? The two best islands for this in my book are Punta Cana and Puerto Rico.

Yellow Submarines

Go underwater in your own personal sub in the Bahamas because – let’s face it – how many chances do you get to do something like this? Pilot your own sub through Nassau Sub adventures and make memories for a lifetime.

Learn how to scuba dive

As fun as snorkelling is, you’re limited in the places you can go in the water. Plus, the most scenic sights are usually inaccessible by snorkelling. Spend a day getting certified in Aruba at an introductory diving tour, where afterwards you’ll be able to explore the depths of the ocean.

Dance to that funky reggae groove

Get down in the birthplace of reggae, Jamaica. Enjoy a tropical drink while listening to a reggae band and feel the same vibes that Jamaica’s favourite son, Bob Marley felt. While you’re there check out the Bob Marley museum where you can learn all about this influential singer.

Island Hop

With so many islands in close proximity, it can be tough to decide which one to go to. No need to compromise, go to them all. Go on a sailing tour through the islands, where you’ll see stunning cliffs, go to less travelled snorkelling spots, and just have a great day in the sun.

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Catch a blue marlin

The Caribbean’s offer some of the best fishing in the world, with Puerto Rico leading the way. Go on a fishing tour from this island and catch a fish you won’t have to exaggerate about when you’re telling your friends about it back home.


Last but not least, just relax on the beach. The Caribbean Islands have some of the best beaches in the world, and have temperatures to match. So lay back, bring your favourite book and kick off those shoes, paradise awaits.

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