Ways to make your trip to Walt Disney World as enjoyable as possible

Pre-buying tickets is one of the Ways to make your trip to Walt Disney World as enjoyable as possible

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When it comes to family travel, there is no trip that is as anticipated as the one that brings the entire gang to Walt Disney World.

As exciting as this holiday can be it is also one that that is filled with many potential sources of stress. Fortunately, there are ways to diffuse these situations before they even occur: by making appropriate plans ahead of time, you can make your trip to the happiest place on Earth as enjoyable as possible.

Here are several ways to do just that…

1) Pre-buy tickets before departure

One of the best ways to make your trip to Orlando as stress-free as possible is to buy your Disney tickets before you go. There is nothing worse than standing in line for upwards of an hour or longer in the subtropical Florida sun, just so you can buy the tickets that will allow you to enter the park.

By pre-buying your tickets over the internet before you even arrive in Walt Disney World, you’ll be able to stroll past the long queues of people waiting to get in.

This will give you plenty of time to get in rides and attractions while everybody else is suffering in line.

2) Sign up for the Disney Dining Plan

Next to accommodation, the biggest cost for families traveling to Walt Disney World is the expense of eating out. While this cost can be defrayed by renting a condo in Orlando with kitchen facilities, it is inevitable that you will eat at least some of your meals while at one of Disney’s theme parks.

To help families manage this issue, Disney has come up with a scheme known as the Disney Dining Plan. By signing up for it, you can book reservations at many of the restaurants spread throughout Walt Disney World upwards of six months in advance.

3) Make use of the Fastpass system

While pre-buying your tickets before leaving for the USA will allow you to get in the park before anyone else does, you will still have to cope with the problem of long lines for popular attractions later in the day.

If you are willing to pay just a little bit more, you can make reservations to access certain rides and attractions at specific times through the Fastpass system.

Bypass the long lines baking under the midday sun while experiencing some of Walt Disney World’s most exciting attractions in the most efficient manner possible? Sounds good to us!

4) Staying on resort? Take advantage of resort package delivery!

There is more to Walt Disney World than rides and attractions. There are also a lot of wonderful shopping opportunities. From Main Street USA at the front of the Magic Kingdom to the many shops in the world showcase at EPCOT, there are many tempting souvenirs that you won’t be able to resist.

The downside of shopping in Walt Disney World is that it can be difficult to lug around shopping bags while keeping track of your children. Solve this problem by using resort package delivery. Available to those staying on Walt Disney World property, runners will deliver your purchase to the front door of your hotel room later in the day.

Available up to two days before your scheduled check out, it will literally take a load off your hands as you focus on fully enjoying the attractions that Walt Disney World has to offer.

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