Venice is for lovers

photo by CC user Nino Barbieri on wikimedia commons

Want to have a romantic vacation or honeymoon that you’ll never forget? There’s a reason why they say Venice is for lovers – everything about this place drips with an atmosphere of beauty and love for life. If you are looking for a guide to the most romantic city in Italy, check out the recommendations below.

One last thing- be sure to book a romantic hotel overlooking the canals so you’ll have the perfect venue to return to after a long day of sightseeing and enjoying the best that this city has to offer…

Take a gondola ride through the waterways of Venice

It might be a huge cliché, but there are few things in Venice that are more romantic than sitting down in a gondola with your life partner and sitting back as the amazing architecture that this city is famous for floats by.

Nibbling some food that you picked up from a market just before, it will prove to be a much more amazing experience that you could possibly anticipate going into it.

Check out the Church of the Frari

If the two of you are into culture, then checking out some of Venice’s leading cultural sights is a must. Among them, the Church of the Frari is one of the most noteworthy, as this brick cathedral contains a number of outstanding art works.

Giambattista Pittoni’s Hagar in the Desert is one of the more notable pieces, but there are are more than a dozen more items to discover in total, so take your time when you make room in your schedule for this activity.

Have a long leisurely meal at Riviera

As evening rolls around, all the exploring you have done is bound to have worked up an aggressive appetite within you.

Satisfy your cravings in style at Riviera, which is one of the finest restaurants in Venice. Soon after being seated, you’ll find out why this place is held in high regard, as expertly trained wait staff and sommeliers will serve your needs with astonishing precision, with exacting attention paid to the principles of customer service. Be sure to try the Turbot!

Take a late night/early morning stroll through St. Mark’s Square

Crowded with tourists in the midst of any given day, it’s hard to see why St. Mark’s Square (amazing as it is) could ever be considered as being romantic.

However, break with the pack and choose to visit this stunning spot either well after dark, or in the low light and sleepiness of early morning.

The placidity of the canals and the beauty of the architecture surrounding the square will make for an amazing atmosphere that can’t be beat anywhere else.

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