Unique airport terminal experiences around the world

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Looking for an airport experience that will transform the boring procedure into something that you’ll look forward to every time? The following terminals have services that transcend the traditional offerings, making a connection through these places a time to be savored…

1) Hong Kong International Airport

Transiting through one of the busiest airports in Asia, when suddenly you find yourself jonesing for some time on the links?

If you have long enough of a layover at Hong Kong International Airport, you’ll have an opportunity to rent some clubs so you can work on your swing, as the island on which the airport is based is home to a nine-hole golf course.

Just be careful not to hook or slice your shots too much, as water is a constant hazard on this executive par 3 course.

2) Amsterdam Schiphol

Wrapping up a fun holiday in Holland, and find yourself trying to bide your time before catching your flight home? Why not fill that time with some hours at the poker table. At Amsterdam Schiphol, there is a casino in the terminal that comes equipped with a poker room where you can match wits with your fellow waylaid passengers.

Just be sure to leave enough left over for buying souvenirs, should your luck take a sudden turn for the worst!

3) Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore can be a steamy place in the world, given that it is a mere degree and half north of the equator.

If you have sweated half your body’s weight in water on your way to the airport, or if you simply need to refresh your mind and body while you wait for your connection to your ultimate destination, you should take advantage of the rooftop pool that was opened here in the past few years.

Just one of many amazing attractions that has earned Singapore Changi Airport the #1 designation in the world for quality, you’ll find yourself booking more flight through here in the future just to make use of this perk.

4) Incheon International Airport

Slept the wrong way on your 12 hour flight across the Pacific? If your connection takes you through Incheon International Airport in South Korea, be sure to head to the basement of the massive complex, where a renowned spa, or jimjilbang awaits you.

Here, a variety of relaxing diversions will work the kinks out of your muscles, from massage tables to hot plunge pools. Just try to not miss your connecting flight!

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