4 Types of Sailing Trip to Try Before 2017’s Out

There are many Types of Sailing Trip to try

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There is nothing as relaxing as spending your vacation on the water. Just sit back, relax, and watch the world go by at a leisurely pace. You can also get off the boat and explore different points of interest. Sailing is a great way to spend your vacation so here are 4 types of sailing trips for you to experience.

Sail the French Riviera

Sailing the French Riviera is a fantastic luxury experience that offers many unique experiences. You can charter a yacht equipped with a chef as well as a staff that will run the boat so that you are free to relax and do whatever you want. If you plan your trip the same time as the Monaco Grand Prix you can watch the race, attend some glamorous parties, stop in at a casino, and then head back out to sea. The Cannes Film Festival is also a great venue to attend. Stop in St. Tropez and hang out with some movie stars on the beach before heading back to your floating home. There are plenty of rental companies that offer boats of all different price points.

Go Canal Boating

Canal boating around the UK is a great way to experience the country. There are three thousand miles of waterways that you can explore to your heart’s content. They travel past picturesque scenery and small towns. You can easily stop and get out at small towns, visit points of interest, have dinner and a pint at a pub, and then get back on the boat and head out for some more touring.

Relax on a Caribbean Cruise

A Caribbean Cruise is a fabulous way to relax in style. There are many different companies that offer boats and you can head out on a huge boat with thousands of other people or a smaller boat with less than 100 passengers. There are plenty of shore excursions where you can explore the pristine beaches, head into towns for shopping, try water sports, visit animal sanctuaries, view beautiful nature like waterfalls, and learn more about the culture of each place. There is even an island where you can cuddle puppies! If you have young children you can even go on Disney Cruises that have activities for the kids so that you can relax in the tranquility of your surroundings. Dining aboard the boat is always a treat and you will find lavish buffets, different restaurants, bars, casinos, spa services, and many other things to help

you relax. You can even end your day by relaxing in a hot tub looking at the beautiful stars in the sky.

Enjoy a Yacht trip in Dubai

For a truly decadent experience you can take a yacht trip in Dubai. Yachting in Dubai has only been available since 2009 but there are plenty of exciting things for you to see. You can spend a few hours on the water to watch the sunset or charter a boat for longer and try fishing, exploring the man made islands or heading out on and exclusive party aboard other yachts. You can also dock your yacht so you can experience the other exciting things that Dubai has to offer like world class restaurants, stylish hotels, high end shopping at exclusive stores or take a trip out to the desert by luxury car.

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