Top museums in Amsterdam

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Looking for the top museums in Amsterdam to inject a bit of culture during your visit to the Netherlands’ tourist capital? The following institutions will have you leaving this city on an art buzz like no other…

1) Van Gogh Museum

Dedicated to the works of one of the greatest Dutch artists of all time, checking out the Van Gogh Museum is simply a must for fans of the visual arts that are visiting Amsterdam. Opening in 1973, it is home to the largest collection of works by the internationally acclaimed painter and drawer, with over 600 pieces on display.

Additionally, there are pieces by artists that were closely associated with him during those days also present here, making it a great spot to spend an afternoon for those that appreciate Van Gogh’s sense of beauty.

2) Anne Frank House

Situated in the same building where the World War II diarist hid from the Nazis with her family before being found by the Gestapo, Anne Frank House should occupy a spot on the itinerary of every traveler that spends time within the Netherland’s most famous city.

Within the Secret Annex, a series of exhibits details the realities of life spent in hiding, as well as a number of cases of persecution and discrimination of peoples from around the world. While you might have to wait in line to see this place, the sobering aspects of the horrors of the Second World War as suffered by a teenaged girl make it well worth any delay you suffer getting through the front doors.

3) Rijksmuseum

Has your visit to the Van Gogh Museum only made you more hungry for art instead of satiating your desire? If so, spending time at the Rijksmuseum should do the trick, as it serves as the official state museum for arts and history in the Netherlands. Over 8,000 objects can be found in its glass display cases and on its walls, with regular rotation occurring in many exhibits from the one million pieces available in its overall collection.

4) Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

If your taste in the arts skew towards all things new and weird, then you will find the modern and contemporary pieces contained within the walls of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to be to your liking. Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Van Gogh all have works of art in this museum, ensuring that even the most discerning art critic in this genre will find something that will please them.

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