Top attractions in Sicily

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Heading to the soccer ball of Italy, and have no idea what to see and do? The top attractions in Sicily run the gamut from angry volcanoes to an ancient villa that contains one of the most amazing collections of art the world has ever seen. Read up on the details below…

1) Mount Etna

Ranking as one of the world’s most active volcanoes, Mount Etna is one of Sicily’s draw cards for those looking to witness the earth at its angriest. While its frequent fireworks make it a tough mountain to climb, during periods of relative calm, it can be scaled.

Don’t anchor your plans around this however, as its state can change on a dime. However, its beauty and the variety of vineyards at its base still make the area around its base well worth the visit no matter what the volcano is doing.

2) Valle dei Templi

Want to explore a remnant of Greek civilization on an island where you’d think you’d find only Roman ruins? You can find this exception to the general rule at Valle dei Templi, as the remains of six temples in the Greek style can be found on a ridge in the Agrigento area.

Added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site register in 1997, this complex of ancient ruins is one of Sicily’s top cultural attractions, so don’t leave off your itinerary if your travel plans have you coming anywhere close to this part of the island.

3) Villa Romana del Casale

When it comes to artifacts of the Roman era, no sight on Sicily is as significant as the Villa Romana del Casale. Built in the 4th century, it is home to the most complex and abundant collection of Roman mosaics in the world.

This fact has made this structure a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well, so if you have an appreciation for the arts, don’t be daft and leave this place of your list of things to do.

4) Blue Grotto

If natural sights and attractions are what makes your motor run, then hiring a tour operator to take you into the heart of the Blue Grotto is something you simply must do before boarding your return flight home.

A sea cave that can be found on the satellite island of Capri, the light of the sun outside passes through a thin clearance at the mouth of the cave, giving the whole interior an alluring blue hue. Lover and nature enthusiasts alike cannot afford to miss this highlight!

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