Top things to do in Shanghai

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If exploring the world’s most populous nation is in the cards for you later this year, you are likely plotting out your itinerary to ensure that you get the most out of your limited time in China. This article explore the top 5 things to do in Shanghai, which will help you do this essential Chinese city the justice that it deserves.

1) Explore The Bund

Being a purpose built international neighborhood on the banks of the Huangpu River, the buildings and the streets of The Bund were home to foreign traders, businesspeople and diplomats for well over a century.

It is astounding is how the building stock here stands in stark contrast to the traditional Chinese architecture elsewhere in the city, and with strict height limits and style restrictions on new buildings that are constructed within this part of Shanghai, the European style homes, banks, and other structures will keep you exploring here for hours.

Shopaholics and foodies will love the numerous boutiques and restaurants that have popped up in some the formerly disused buildings, so if you are among this crowd, block off a whole day to see The Bund.

2) Get spiritual at the Jade Buddha Temple

While cool old western architecture is nice to look at, chances are you came to Shanghai to check out the local culture. You’ll find plenty of it at the Jade Buddha Temple, which is one of this religion’s most revered halls of worship in this massive metropolis.

With a pair of jade Buddhas, and well as numerous other marble and gold leaf statues being the main attraction here, it can be easy to breeze through, snap your photos and leave. Please don’t.

Move about slowly and observe the locals celebrating their religion as richly as some back in your home venerate theirs, as this is the key to having a deeply enriching travel experience in places like these.

3) Get a million Renminbi view from the Oriental Pearl Tower

Shanghai may have its share of old buildings, but it is the rapidly sprouting towers of steel, glass and concrete that have defined this global city in the eyes of the world in this modern age. You can get the best possible view of this ongoing evolution from the Oriental Pearl Tower, whose space-like design is part of the ongoing identity change of this ancient Chinese port city.

Containing a revolving restaurant, shops, and a hotel in addition to the observation decks within its orbs, this attraction will prove to be more than just a panoramic photo opp of the Shanghai skyline.

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