Three Terrific Dining Experiences On Tenerife


When many travelers plan a holiday to the Canary Islands, often the food takes a backseat mentally to the beaches and the nightlife that they seek out on Tenerife. Those that book Elegant Resorts luxury Tenerife holidays tend to think differently than most people though, as they value having a quality meal over much of the barely passable schlock that most tourists mindlessly consume.

Tenerife is a fairly big place though, so it can be hard to know where to go to find the finest eats that can be had here. The following three restaurants will ensure that you get off to a delicious start in your explorations of Tenerife’s restaurant scene, so get out your pen or paper (or Evernote if you’re tech inclined), and prepare to take some serious notes…!

1) Kabuki

Being the only Michelin starred restaurant on this list, be sure to patronize this place if you don’t time for the others.  This place fuses both Japanese and French schools of cooking to produce such unique specialities such as nasu kamo. They also have a diverse tasting menu in case you’re having a hard time choosing a main, which is an understandable problem in a restaurant of this caliber.

2) Los Roques

Those looking for a taste of the native cuisines of the Canary Islands should head to the village of Los Abrigos, where the ambiance of a fishing village will win you over from the second you arrive. Accented with Mediterranean flavours, highly alluring seafood dishes that arrived on the frying pan mere hours after being brought in from the fish market will be created for you here, and the desserts are also quite highly spoken of as well … avocado and lime sherbet in white chocolate, anyone?

3) La Estancia

Being one of the highest spoken of and acclaimed restaurants on the island, La Estancia is a French place that takes a unique spin on the food present here in Tenerife. The dishes are evenly split between seafood and land-based dishes, with menus changing regularly changing to reflect what’s available in-season.

Decadent grazing opportunities await you all over Tenerife

With sun seeking people gathered on Tenerife as refugees from the less pleasant weather present in colder parts of the world for extended periods of time, they will all need to eat eventually. While some will settle for anything grilled, fried or boiled, the tastes of others are more discerning. With the selections above, you can proceed on your trip to Tenerife confident in the fact that there are restaurants that care about the art of making food more than the art of making money.

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