Three Major Attractions In Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


Occupying the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and in the rain shadow of the mountains that form its spine, Victoria is one of Canada’s most gorgeous and pleasant cities in which to visit and live.  Located in close proximity to options for mountain and ocean recreation, and with a number of historic attractions despite the cities’ young age, residents and travelers have a wealth of things to see and do, no matter their interests.  Throw in a climate where people count flowers when the rest of Canada is buried under a mound of snow, and you have a fascinating city within this nation that is worth visiting.

As a visitor though, you may be short on time, so you’ll need to know which sights are essential, so you can spend the rest of your time soaking in the energy and atmosphere that this place possesses.  In that spirit, here are three attractions you should make the effort to see when you are in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada:

1) Butchart Gardens – Thriving in the mildest climate north of the Canada – U.S. border, the flora present in the Butchart Gardens will dazzle the senses of even the most jaded tourist.   Built in a former limestone quarry, there are several theme gardens, from Japanese to Mediterranean, but be sure to see the Rose garden in season; it’s a stunner!

2) Craigdarroch Castle – Built by a wealthy coal baron in the late 19th century (who didn’t live long enough to see the completion of his masterpiece), this mansion constructed in the Scottish Baronial style occupies 28 acres of land, and stands four stories high.  Wander through the 39 rooms of the palatial manor, and fantasize about what it was like to be a member of the rich elite during the days of yore.

3) British Columbia Legislature –Before five in the afternoon rolls around, make your way towards the Inner Harbour, where the government of British Columbia governs this province, at the ornately designed legislature buildings.  Take a tour of these beautifully constructed chambers, and learn how democracy in British Columbia functions.  The real attraction for most people, photographers most notably, is when they light up the entire exterior of the complex at night.  After getting some outstanding shots, be entertained by buskers and musicians along the walkways … just don’t forget to tip them afterwards to reward them for their talent!

This city, warm in climate as well as spirit, will resonate well with many people.  If you are stuck for things to see though, this list should get you seeing one of Canada’s best urban assets.


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