Three Holiday Ideas Your Children Will Love


Children are difficult little people to entertain at the best of times. And this doesn’t get any easier during the holidays, with expectations running high and the creeping dread associated with organising the mass movement of your brood.

Trying to please every member of the family, furthermore, presents an altogether very real problem. If you really want to make your holiday memorable, therefore, it’s imperative to pick a holiday destination or activity that will suit every child.

1. The Magic Kingdom

You simply can’t go wrong with Disneyland; it really is the place for children of any age. And with the resort being within striking distance of the UK, it’s the ideal choice for a family getaway, with plenty to keep your little ones amused.

You enter the theme park by Main Street USA, where you can get on board the Railroad Main Street Station for a trip all around the park. Alternatively, you and the children can take a streetcar or simply stroll down Main Street; the perfect way to explore everything that the Magic Kingdom has to offer.

The very little people will love visiting the fire-breathing dragon in the Fantasyland castle. Older children will love being spooked by the ghosts that haunt the Phantom Manor. Meanwhile, the entire family can hop on board the old paddleboat steamer by the Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing and enjoy a leisurely riverboat ride.

There is much more to Disneyland, of course; many more attractions, plus numerous cafés and restaurants for when you are all hungry and tired. However you end up spending your time, a trip to Disneyland will make for a holiday that you and your children will never forget. And if you do decide to go, don’t forget to check out available deals for Disneyland Paris hotels.

2. Beautiful Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Situated on Spain’s Costa Brava, the family holidaying there will be able to access the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean, as well as the host of historical attractions that the city offers.

Many of the world’s most famous artists and architects have lived in Barcelona, including Pablo Picasso. A trip to the Picasso Museum is a must, as is an exploration of the Sagrada Familia, the world-famous ‘expressionist’ cathedral built by Antonio Gaudi. Encourage your children to keep a picture record, photographs or even drawings of every attraction that you go and see.

3. Trekking the Alps

We may associate mountains with skiing, but there is much to do up there in summer, like trekking and walking.

With the Alpine mountain range of Switzerland easily accessible for most European families, visiting a city like Geneva could be the perfect solution to your family holiday destination conundrum. After all, trekking and hiking opportunities abound, while pony-trekking past pretty chalets and shimmering mountain lakes is sure to prove an unforgettable experience for children of all ages.

A holiday on your terms

Picking the right holiday destination for you and your family requires more than a modicum of thought. While frying on a beach has its own appeal, Disneyland, Barcelona and the Alps certainly break the mould a little when it comes to holiday ideas that your children will never forget you for. Go on, be bold – your little ones will love you for it.

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