This Is The Most Complete Travel Rewards Credit Card


If you are looking to add a new credit card to your wallet, you should probably consider one that has multiple uses.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, for example, can be used on everyday purchases like grocery shopping, dining, and the like, but it also serves to provide its user with travel related “perks” along the way. The more money that you spend on the card, the more rewards you receive.

In addition to offering customers a sign up bonus of 50,000 points, one of the best benefits of this card is the $300 annual credit for travel purchases.

What are “travel purchases” exactly, you may be wondering? Chase describes these purchases as spending money on any of the following:

  • Airfare
  • Hotels, motels, and timeshares
  • Car rentals
  • Camp grounds
  • Cruises
  • Travel agencies
  • Trains
  • Buses
  • Discount travel site purchases
  • Taxis and limos (This includes Uber and Lyft, too!)
  • Toll bridges
  • Parking garages

There are many additional merchants that provide travel related services, such as real estate agents, websites or owners that rent vacation properties, in flight goods and services, cruise purchases while on board, tourist and sight seeing attractions, and more that do not qualify in this category.

Whether you are using your $300 to upgrade your seats after you’ve purchased (which I have done multiple times), or you decided you want to use them on incidentals like extra checked bags, the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card has you covered.

Perhaps the best thing about the card is that, unlike many competitors, the Chase Sapphire Reserve does not have a specific affiliation to any hotels or airlines. This means that you are free to use your money and points however you’d like, whether it be on JetBlue, Hilton, Delta, a random place on AirBnB, or someone else. Keep in mind that every dollar you spend on your card will be converted into points, too!

The one negative aspect of the Chase Sapphire Reserve is the annual fee, which is a whopping $450 per year. That being said, it is comparable to many “luxury” credit cards also being offered, and you make nearly all of that back in your yearly travel offers, so it is well worth it if you have the extra money lying around.

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