Things to do in Vienna, Austria

There are hundreds of things to do in Vienna, Austria and unless you have about a fortnight or more, it would be difficult to explore more than 200 places of popular interest in the city. However, it is also impractical for a tourist to experience everything of an old city like Vienna in just one vacation. The kinds of things to do in Vienna, Austria you would list in your itinerary would depend on what you like to explore on a holiday.

Some tourists intend to explore the classical music scene of Vienna and they would have some specific places of interest while you may be inclined to explore the historical buildings and the deep rooted culture of this very old city in Europe. Hundreds of movements, tons of literary work and many significant decisions in Europe had their roots in the streets of Vienna and it would be unwise to miss out on exploring the subtle elements of such histories.

A tad away from the places or historic significance, the museums, zoos and popular tourist places, there is a different Vienna to experience. That version of the city is in the local coffee shops, the vendors on the road selling sausages with cheese, the local cafes or bakeries selling desserts and the trek up to one of the local hills. Sitting at a local coffee shop and just soaking in the entire Vienna atmosphere, listening to budding musicians, poets and philosophers and taking a walk in the 1st district along with the others in the proximity while watching people, shopping in the small boutique hideouts and eating some of the finest cuisines in all of Europe in the classic restaurants without paying a fortune are some things that every traveler should do at Vienna in Austria.

There are quite a few countryside locales around Vienna and a quick drive can take you at one or two of these and get you back by night. Exploring the countryside should be on your wish list as well. And if you are travelling during a time when some of the major annual and seasonal festivals are being held, then you would hardly have even a minute to spare yourself. If you plan on staying a while, recommend renting a car and visiting the surrounding area. If you’re in town there are many ways to book accommodation online such as etc…

Finally, Vienna makes a great place for a quick day trip or even a day or so involving a quick overnight if you are traveling by rail. Due to it’s location in central Europe, it’s accessible by countless cities and if you find yourself traveling from one side of Europe to the other, chances are you’ll have a stop in Vienna. It’s easily accessible from Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary and other countries.

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