Things to do on a trip to New York City

There are many Things to do on a trip to New York City

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Of all the destinations in America, New York City is certainly one of the most intriguing. Ever since the founding of the United States, NYC has been one of its most important cities, as it has functioned as a center of commerce, culture, and opportunity.

The Big Apple has no shortage of attractions to check out, but unfortunately, most people on a short trip will not have the opportunity to experience everything.

If this is your first trip to New York City, dedicate your time towards these following activities…

1) Hit up an outlet shopping mall

Although some would say that there are better things that one can get up to in NYC than shopping, it is undeniable that there are better prices on many consumer items in the United States than what you’ll find in the UK.

Don’t waste your time in places like Times Square or along Fifth Avenue, as the shops in these places tend to overcharge for their goods. Instead, you’ll find some great bargains at the New York shopping outlets that are situated in the outlying suburbs.

Out in Woodbury, there is an outlet mall contains over 220 shops that include favored American brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Timberland, and many others, so be sure to buy a ticket for the shuttle bus out there before leaving for the USA.

2) View NYC from an observation deck

Walking around New York City can be an intense experience from street level, but it is nothing compared to the forest of skyscrapers that your eyes will be treated to from an observation deck.

There are a couple of options that are suitable when in the NYC area: the Empire State Building and the brand new viewpoint at One World Trade Center.

Those wanting an open-air view of the New York City skyline will want to head to the Empire State Building, while those looking for a picture of this iconic skyscraper will want to head to One World Trade Center.

Although the latter option is glassed-in, its dead-on view of the Empire State Building will make up for its lack of exposure to the elements.

3) Sample some of its culinary highlights

As one of the world’s great international cities, the sheer variety of foreign cuisines available in New York City is nothing short of astounding.

Not only can you find authentic foods from places that are as disparate as China and Argentina, but the side-by-side presence of all these styles has led to a great deal of fusion cuisine over the years.

What’s more, many comfort foods that we take for granted on a daily basis were invented on the streets of New York City.

From New York style pizza that you can fold in your hand and eat, to a fully-stuffed Reuben Sandwich, you won’t go hungry when you are walking the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or anywhere else in the city.

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