Things to do in Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg is the capitol of Manitoba, Canada.  This large city is considered the cultural cradle of Canada due to its amazing nightlife, strong artsy roots, and incredible opportunities for anyone who is willing to stretch him or herself a little.  While most people might not think of Canada as a great vacation, they have a lot to learn from Winnipeg.  One trip there and you’ll want to return over and over again to take in the sights and participate in the things that you didn’t have the chance to participate in before.

Your best experience with Winnipeg starts by picking the proper time to visit.  Winnipeg is the coldest city with a population of over 600,000 so winter, when the air is chilly and the snow is falling, isn’t the best time to visit.  You’ll want to plan your trip around the warm and humid summers.  This will allow you plenty of time to participate in many of the outdoor activities that Winnipeg has to offer.  To get a view of Winnipeg at its best, you’ll want to visit on or around July 1st, when the Canada celebration are in full swing with parades and fireworks starting the celebrations off right.

If you are looking forward to finding out more about the amazing history and art of Canada, Winnipeg is the place to be.  The Manitoba museum offers a glut of information and history of the area.  If you’re more interested in art than in facts, check out the Winnipeg Art Gallery, which is Canada’s oldest public art gallery and includes an amazing collection of Inuit art.  Winnipeg isn’t satisfied with the museums that they already have so on April 1st, 2008 ground was broken on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  The project is expected to be completed in late 2012.

Canada is also home to a number of theatre companies.  The city is practically littered with performing arts venues including the Centennial Concert Hall, Manitoba Theatre Centre, and the Pantages Playhouse, all of which are located downtown.  The oldest theatre company in Canada, Le Cercle Moliere, is based in Winnipeg.  If you’ve got time, check out what is playing in the theatres across the city.  Don’t forget, however, that Canada has two national languages so be sure to check whether the performance will be in French or English if you are only fluent in one.

While the winters in Winnipeg are well known for being harsh, there is one fantastic reason to stick it out for the winter.  The Festival Du Voyageur is an amazing ten-day festival held in Winnipeg to commemorate the early fur traders that helped to settle the region.  It provides tourists with a fantastic chance to take in some music and culture when most non-natives might avoid this winter town.

Winnipeg is a city of surprises.  Odds are high that, if you can think it, then you can do it.  Plan a trip to Winnipeg and let the city cater to you.  No matter your passion, this Canadian city has you covered with art shows, festivals, and sporting events.  Don’t hesitate to book your adventure today.

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