Things to do in Santiago (Chile)

Santiago de Chile is the capital of Chile, and is in the urban core of a larger area called Gran Santiago. It is the headquarters of governmental, commercial and banking sectors in the country. The city is full of monuments and buildings with a beautiful history,  in addition to these sights, there are many other things to do in Santiago de Chile.

A view of Santiago de Chile

A large number of historical monuments of the city correspond with museums, libraries and churches. If you wish to know more of the historical legacy of old Europe in Chile, be sure to visit the Parque Quinta Normal, the National Library and the Library of Santiago. You can also visit some fortifications as the Cerro de Santa Lucia, Cerro San Cristóbal and the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary. An interesting tour is the Republic Quarter, where you can view some of the mansions built by the richest families in the area during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago at night

In Santiago there are most of the theater companies in the country and hosts many international events. The International Festival Teatro a Mil, offers a unique opportunity to see them in action. There are also many cinemas and entertainment venues suitable for children as Fantastilandia Theme Park. But if you want to go clubs and bars, you can visit any of these neighborhoods: Square Providencia, Bellavista, Brazil, Manuel Montt, where you will find a large variety of nightclubs.

At any street of Santiago

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