Things to do in Salvador da Bahia (Brasil)

Salvador da Bahia is the capital of Bahia in Brazil and, in turn, the cradle of the birth of the country from where it was in colonial capital. It is approximately 3 million inhabitants. It is known as the “City of Joy” and also as the “Black Rome”, the latter name is assigned by the curious mixture of great religious and African culture.


A view from Salvador de Bahia

The city has a large number of tourist attractions. These include religious buildings. It is said that Salvador has about 365 churches, one for a visit every day of the year, as evidence of his deep religious roots. In any of the areas into which the city is divided: High City  and Low City, you will find beautiful religious structures in many cases show a particular combination with the environment of modern architecture. If you travel to this beautiful city, do not miss the Cathedral, the Church of Our Lord of Bonfim or the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.


Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The historic center of Salvador da Bahia is the area known as Pelourinho. It derives its name from a stone that during the period esclavitu, remained in the central plaza of the site to expose and teach a lesson to the slaves whipped. Today, the Pelourinho is a cultural center for excellence in the city after that during the nineties the place was undergoing a major investment in façade restoration and construction of hotels, restaurants, shops and inns.


A view of the Pelourinho



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