Things to do in México City (Mexico)

The Federal District of Mexico (Mexico City) is the capital of the federal powers of Mexico and also capital of the state of Mexico. In the state of Mexico there are approximately 25 million inhabitants and about 9 million of those are living in Mexico City. It is a city steeped in religion, symbolism and of course,  there are many things to do in Mexico City.

Partial view of Mexico DF

Mexico has a large number of theaters and auditoriums which means it has an interesting cultural scene. Prominent among theaters and auditoriums is the National Theatre (located on the Paseo de Reforma), which is only outdone by the capacity of Madison Square Garden. There is also the Palace of Fine Arts, the Cultural Polyforum Siqueiros, the City Theater, the Metropolitan Theater, the Forum of the Sun and the Teatro de los Insurgentes. Urbanistically, the city is divided into colonies and neighborhoods. Many of the more prominent neighorhoods offer great views to those wishing to go on a stroll, the less prominent ones are to be avoided. One such area is the case of Colonia Condesa, where a significant number of artists live. Another is the Colonia Roma, with has variety of interesting old historical buildings, the historic center  is Tlalpan, with a variety of cultural activities in the streets and squares. Finally there is Villa of Guadalupe which is the religious epicenter of the city.

Mexico City Cathedral

Among the cultural activities highlights, the religious icons, music, art and cuisine stand out. Regarding mexican cuisine, you may choose from places with seafood specialties like ceviche, more traditional dishes or a rich selection of vegetarian items. In addition, the historic city center allows you to taste other dishes, not forgetting the delicious sweets you’ll find.

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