Things to do in London This Winter

The winter weather is no excuse to not get out into the streets of London and have a great time. In fact, much of London is accessible at the same rate year round, so the winter won’t get in the way of any planned attractions. Some of the best attractions London has to offer are indoors. Not to mention the off season of traveling in the winter provides numerous openings to normally packed attractions. Skipping these lines and waits with more private tours of your favorite spots will only increase the value of the experience.

The theatre aspect of London is one of the can’t miss attractions in the area. If you are in London, the bottom line is that you cannot skip out on seeing something that the city has to offer in the way of live performance art. This is after all the birth place of Shakespeare, the greatest and most influential theatrical playwright to have ever walked the Earth. In fact, a recreation theatre of the original Globe in which Shakespeare’s plays were featured back in his age exists as a main tourist attraction.

The entry and price of shows are all very reasonably priced and amazing live performances are scheduled throughout the day. Even if theatre doesn’t sound interesting, or you weren’t a big fan of Shakespeare in school, this type of show is an eye opening experience for anyone. Thespians and homebodies alike, this is an experience to not miss out on. While in London you may wish to buy some threatre tickets to enjoy a current play, comedy or musical that is showing at one of many theatres in the city.

The museums in London are probably some of the best in the entire world as well. To miss out on the amazing collections of art, history, and ancient relics housed within the museums of London would be a huge mistake. Whether it’s fine art and the classic life like photo real oil paintings from the masters, or modern sculpture and media art, London has the best of both worlds. The galleries will not disappoint and the prices of admission are all incredibly low considering the vastness and the sheer quality of the collections. Nowhere else can you see classics by Rembrandt in a gallery and works by street art legend, Banksy, all in the same block.

If a mid afternoon lull hits your plans stop by a local café and sip on some of London’s famous delicacy, tea. The food in London is a mixture of worldwide cuisine that is unparalleled in Europe. The location and past of London as a historical melting pot is shown in their restaurants. And come night time, stop by a local pub or bar and catch up with some live standup comedy or music. A line of native English ales are always on tap, and the conversation with locals and other world travelers are going to be plentiful.

Don’t let the prospects of a snowy day, or bleak winter climates ruin your plans to enjoy London. There are so many fun and amazing things to do that even if you stay all winter you’ll never run out of places to see.

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