Things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

Las Vegas, Nevada is a gorgeous city that offers something to do for everybody. No matter what your age you can find the right entertainment and below are some suggestions of things to do in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA.

A Little Background

Las Vegas was named so by a man named Rafael Rivera while on his was to Los Angeles in 1829. Along its time-line it has a rich history of events, including organized crime, atomic weapon tests, the Hoover Dam and the first casinos (1930 – 1941). Of course, if you come to Las Vegas you’ll want to know what’s happening now, not then.

Things To Do In Las Vegas

1. The Casino! It goes without saying that if you are of legal age, you can certainly try your hand at the infamous Las Vegas casinos. Even walking down the strip from casino to casino will be a exciting trip for the senses. They say if your going to gamble, do it fast and social. Move from casino to casino like you’re running from the law. Don’t forget Caesar’s Palace!

2. The Fountains – If you’ve got some family or are in for something a little more elegant, the Bellagio Fountains may be for you. Between 3 pm and 12am, this 8.5 acre lake bursts water up to 460 feet in the air. It is quite a spectacle to see. The fountains go off every half-hour until 8pm, then every 15 minutes until 12am.

3. Cirque Du Soleil is a fantastic way to spend a Vegas evening. This lavish circus hires Olympic gymnasts to get dressed up in costumes and risk their lives for applause. If you have kids, this may be the option for you.

4. Breakfast at The Wynn – When you wake up in the morning, you deserve a breakfast Las Vegas style. There’s no better way to accomplish this than at the Breakfast Buffet at the Wynn. You’ve got to do at least one buffet in Vegas and this is the one you’re going to want to be at.

5. The Luxor – If the night time is your time to wake up and make some noise then the night club scene is perfect. The Luxor is the place to be in Las Vegas right now. If it’s busting a move you’re looking to do, find the LAX. The best part, it’s still a classy, lush place to be.

There is something for everyone is Las Vegas, Nevada. Make your next trip one to Vegas and you won’t regret a bit of it. It’s also easy to get there, lots of cheap flights to Las Vegas. Take a look for yourself and see there’s a lot of things to do in Las Vegas. Other great things that are popular are the Stratosphere which is a crazy ride at the highest point in Las Vegas. Also get a hotel near the monorail, makes getting around Vegas very easy.


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