Things to do in Iguazú (Argentina)

Iguazu Falls are without doubt the biggest attraction in the Province of Misiones in Argentina. They are located north of the country in the national park of the same name which lies between the borders of Brazil and Argentina. The waterfalls contain almost 275 falls with an average height of 80M. In addition to the wonderful falls, there are many things to do in Iguazu.

One impressive Iguazu fall

Inside the park, while enjoying the stunning waterfalls, there are two fun activities that you will surely like to do. First, you can take a boat ridealong the Falls River and can venture to the Isla San Martin where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Devil’s Graganta Leaping San Martín.

Iguazú fall view

The other activity is to make the walk through the various trails that are defined along the park, which will also permit direct observation of the wide variety of birds and plants. Whether boating or hiking, there are two routes: the inferior and superior. The first lets you observe a walk along a rocky bottom of the falls. The second one let you observe the falls from a height greater and there you will see the strength with which the river descends through the rocks. The superior route is only recommended for more advanced hikers.

Iguazú falls UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site

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