Things to do in Gran Sabana (Venezuela)

The Gran Sabana is a forested area located in southern Bolivar state in Venezuela at de Canaima National Park. It is located on the extension of Guyanese Massif and is one of the oldest rock formations on the planet. Contact with nature is insured, but things to do in the Gran Sabana ensure you return from your trip with a different perspective of our planet.

Bolivar Bridge near to El Dorado

The territory occupied by the Gran Sabana is a space co-inhabited by native tribes such as the Pemones. It is also recognized as one of the largest reservoirs of flora and fauna of the planet. The climate of cloud forest gives a nearly constant temperature of about 32°C throughout the year with significantly higher humidity. The most obvious features of the site is called tepuis, which are rock formations, some of the oldest in the world and offer the visitor a beautiful view of the plain on which lies the savannah. On top of several of these tepuyes there are waterfalls or “hops” that give the place an impressive and unique view of the environment. The most famous because of its height is called the “Salto Angel” or Parekupa Meru.

Parekupa Meru waterfall (Salto Ángel)

Highlights of the Gran Sabana, besides the visit to tepuyes are Santa Elena de Uairén (neighboring town to Brazil), Canaima (near the end of the park La Gran Sabana) and El Dorado, another neighboring village to Brazil. There are also small indigenous populations such as San Francisco de Yuruani, Kavanayen, El Pauji and Icabaru.  Any of these areas are prime destinations for those interested in eco-tourism.

Kama Meru waterfall


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