Things to do in Florence, Italy

Taking a trip to Florence, Italy can be a life changing experience.  This city, often thought of as the capitol of Tuscany, is well known for its involvement with the renaissance period.  Many great painters and sculptors once called Florence home and they are remembered in the galleries and buildings of this great city. Experiencing Florence can be related to walking through one giant museum day in and day out.  There’s so much to do and see that it might be a little nerve-wracking trying to decide where you should go first.

The answer to that, for so many people, is the Florence Academia and Uffizi Gallery.  These popular art galleries are always a tourist draw so you’ll want to book your tickets well ahead of time.  You don’t want to be standing in line for hours when there is an option to skip ahead and take an amazing tour that will educate you on such classic works as Michelangelo’s David or Botticelli’s paintings.  These two galleries contain the majority of the works of art that people go to Florence to see so expect a crowd, especially during the busy season.

Though Florence is well known for its art collections, there is plenty to see outside of a gallery.  You might want to take a walk around to the many different religious locations in the city.  Be stunned by the Il Duomo.  The work on this amazing cathedral was started in 1296.  When you walk inside to marvel at the amazing doors and intricate statues keep in mind that every tiny little detail that you’re seeing is the result of someone’s handiwork.

Men in Florence trained for years and years to create the kind of workmanship that you will see within Il Duomo.  Il Duomo also has a staircase leading up to its dome.  You’ll have to buy a ticket to climb the 463 steps to the top and you might get a little winded but the view is worth it.  For another fantastic view of the city, you can visit Campanile.  This beautiful bell tower is located within the same plaza as the Duomo Cathedral.  Here, you can buy a ticket and climb the 414 stairs to the top for another spectacular view.

When it comes to history and architecture there is nothing quite a amazing as seeing the way that old bridges have stood the test of time.  The Ponte Vecchio is such a bridge.  This beautiful bridge was built in 1345 as Florence’s first bridge across the Arno River.  It is the only bridge from that time period that still exists in Florence, as the others were destroyed during WWII.  Be sure to stroll down the Ponte Vecchio, taking in the views and stopping in local stores to support local businesses.

While all of these places are must see locations in Florence, the city is full of wonderful experiences just waiting for you to come along.  If you’re unable to plan ahead or if you just stop by Florence on the spur of the moment, you won’t be disappointed even if all you can do is walk around.  There are so many architectural marvels that even the simplest of strolls through the city will fill your head with amazement.  Florence is a city that is rooted in the renaissance but that meant to be enjoyed today so take advantage of all the wonderful things it has to offer you.

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