Things to do in Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, and is located on Scotland’s east coast. With a population of around 450,000, Edinburgh is Scotland’s second largest city. Edinburgh has a large tourist trade and is the second most popular destination in the United Kingdom next to London. It is home to the Scottish Parliament which was established in 1999, which only added to its status. Scotland is also a great place to to learn English in UK and just may give you a most sought after accent.

A visit to Edinburgh is a visit to a city rich in culture, fine architecture and history. When it comes to accommodations there are plenty of Edinburgh Hotels to choose from. Countless guest houses, cottages and easy to find quality lodging near the castle similar to  Cardiff Hotels.  Among the many things to do in Edinburgh be sure to see:


Where else can you visit a castle perched on an extinct volcano? If this castle could speak it would have a lot to say. The rock it sits on was created around 340 million BC by volcanic activity. There is archeological evidence that there was human settlement on the rock around 900 BC, and the first reference to a fortress on the rock is around 600 AD. You’ll want to see it all, from the Great Hall to the Honours of Scotland, the nations crown jewels. Mons Meg is one of the oldest medieval siege guns the One O’Clock gun is fired each day at one o’clock, and has been each day since June 7, 1861. There are many exhibits, a chapel, and fabulous views of Edinburgh to keep you busy.


Whether you have children, or just fond memories of being a child, the Museum of Childhood will delight you. It is the world’s first museum that is dedicated to the history of childhood. Toys, games, dress-up and noise, lots of lots of noise await. There is also an amazing collection of Steiff Bears, Corgi cars, and Barbie dolls.


Across from the Scottish Parliament is this unique family attraction that takes you both through time, and across the planet. You start your day at Dynamic Earth with a Big Bang, the creation of the earth. Have a face to face with some dinosaurs, walk along the bottom of the ocean, and journey to the centre of the earth, all for the small price of admission. Kids and adults alike will find their visit thrilling.

Edinburgh is the gem of Scotland. With its mainly annual festivals, stunning architecture and a willingness to treat its visitors like royalty, Edinburgh has become one of the premiere tourist destinations in the UK, and around the world.




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