Things to do in Durban, South Africa


While there are many places to explore in South Africa to explore, headline cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, and places like Kruger National Park often steal the spotlight away from other areas, leaving other places in this vast nation to languish in their shadows. Durban, being South Africa’s third largest metropolitan area, is one of those places, which has bountiful attractions in its beaches, cultural diversity and its exotic subtropical climate.

As such, you should make an effort to discover this friendly city on the Indian Ocean, as it has a cheap cost of living in addition to its attractions. First, be sure to try lots of South African food, you’ll be glad you did. After booking a private room at a shockingly low price at a guesthouse like Tekweni Backpackers, be sure to strike out into this metropolis to experience the best it has to offer.

If you are puzzled as to where to begin first, here are three activities that will entertain and educate you sufficiently during your time in Durban, South Africa…

1) uShaka Marine World

Doubling as both an aquarium and a theme park, uShaka Marine World will fulfill two ends: satiating the spirit of your inner child, while also educating you about the aquatic life that exists off the coast of Eastern South Africa. Multiple holding tanks show off various fish, rays, sharks, dolphins, penguins and seals, some of which that face the dining area of a full-serve restaurant.

If you ever wanted to feed a shark (or seals and dolphins, for the timid), uShaka Marine World gives you that opportunity. Those looking to cool off can hit up the water park, which contains a number of tame and high speed slides alike, while those looking to get their feet wet in the art of SCUBA diving can do so in a snorkel lagoon where they give lessons on this very fulfilling sport.

2) Diving reefs and wrecks

If the lessons you took at uShaka have you raring to get into the ocean to explore the life that exists on the floor of the Indian Ocean, then there are countless operators that stand ready to take you out to the numerous reefs and wrecks that sit just off Durban’s coast. The coral life proliferates without inhibition in the warm subtropical waters, and sea life ranging from countless varieties of sharks to endless shades of tropical reef fish await your prying eyes.

3) Umgeni River Bird Park

If you’d rather learn about the animals that exist in the skies above Durban than the ones that exist beneath its waves, then a trip to the Umgeni River Bird Park will do the trick. This park contains 4,500 birds from over 400 species, and it gives safe harbour to 17 species that are listed as threatened or endangered. Be sure to check out the Free Flight Bird Show during your visit, as its pageantry will inspire you to take action to protect these species from the peril they face in today’s modern world.

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