Things to do in Dublin & London, United Kingdom

The United Kingdom covers a large area encompassing Great Britain as well as Northern Ireland. With so much land to cover allow yourself plenty of time to explore on your visit to the UK. And in particular be sure to spare time to see London and Dublin.


Where to begin? There are so many landmarks in and around London it can be rather dizzying to think of them all. Here are three to get you started. Besides things to do there are also countless options for holiday apartments in London.

  1. Tower of London – There is a reason why so many tourists visit the Tower of London each year. Built around 1080 AD, the Tower has since been used as a prison, a palace and a fortress. It is currently home to a vast collection of Crown Jewels, over 23,000 to be exact. Learn about the history of the Tower, who lived here, and who died here within these awe inspiring buildings.
  2. Tate Modern – View an amazing collection of art dating back to 1500 AD up to current day Britain. This world famous gallery offers you many ways to explore it and many things to do. There are interactive modules, mobile apps, and guided tours to keep you busy as well.
  3. London Eye – You won’t get a better bird’s eye view of London anywhere else. The London Eye transports visitors daily around its 443 ft tall wheel, where, on a clear day you may be able to see up to 25 miles in the distance.


Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and as such is loaded with things to do, places to go and adventures to be had. Let’s look at a few of the top attractions in Dublin. Whether you’re looking for hotels, hostels or apartments in Dublin, there is plenty of choice.

  1. National Museum of Ireland – There are three separate locations in Dublin housing three separate museums. The first is Archaeology, the second is Decorative Arts and History and the third is Natural History. Each is unique and each has an extensive amount of information for you to learn about and exhibits to study.
  2. Kilmainham Jail – Built in 1796 this jail has been home to prisoners as young as seven years old and is now one of the largest jails in Europe that sits empty. Conditions in the jail were horrible, with children, women and men all held together within a cell. 1924 saw the last of its use as a jail and it now serves as a museum and gallery with guided tours available for the public.
  3. Guinness Storehouse – No trip to Dublin is complete without a visit to the home of Guinness. Once inside the facility you will get to know firsthand what it feels like to be at the bottom of a pint glass; the world’s largest as a matter of fact. Learn all about the brewing process, pour your own pint, and try a bowl of Guinness stew before ending your visit in the Gravity Bar.

Plan to give yourself enough time to explore all that the United Kingdom has to offer you on your next vacation:  you won’t want to miss a thing.

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