Things To Do In Caracas, Venezuela

It is not always that we find a park older than 3 centuries set amidst an urban landscape. Welcome to Caracas, the largest city that is also the capital of Venezuela. The Hacienda Floresta is not only a retreat right in city but also houses a beautiful photography museum. Ask anyone who has visited Caracas and a visit to El Teleferico would figure out as one of the most important things to do in the city. Take a tram ride and head to the mountain top, while enjoying amazing views of the city and the skyline along the way. The cool setting on the mountain top would be highly pleasing. Although much of the western world would claim to have better quality ropeway trams, Teleferico still has its unique charm.

Centro de Arte La Estancia is a lush green garden you would love to visit during the late afternoon. Take a brisk walk; explore the flora and the cultural center. Up next must be Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas, it is a mid twentieth century architecture at its best. Mosaics, art pieces and crafty patios would easily explain it to you why it has figured on the list of Heritage sites of UNESCO.

Jardin Botanico is certainly one of the best botanical gardens in this part of the world. Hundreds of palm trees and thousands of flowering plants in their entire natural splendor make for an amazing afternoon in the park. You can laze around, play or have a nice lunch out in the open, the possibilities are endless. If you are travelling in a group then a picnic at the Jardin Botanico can be exciting. The only caution you need to exercise is that the plants or the trees must not be tampered with.

If history intrigues you then Paseo de Los Proceres would offer you enough ground level information about the national heroes and insights of the Venezuelan liberalization. Plaza de Altamira can be easily classified as the latest hotspot in Caracas. Locals and tourists of different age groups come over in the evening to gaze at the fountain or simply walk around the square chatting, eating or simply enjoying the evening breeze. Casa Natal & Museo Bolivar would take you to the world when Venezuela and many other Latin American countries were still ruled by Spain and how the countries were liberated. The museum is beautiful, well preserved and certainly one of the places that you must visit in Caracas.

We all know the quality of Latin American art and there is no better place in Venezuela to know that other than the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo. After all the history and historic figures, this museum housing glimpses of modern art is a treat. Whether you are looking for Matisse or Picasso, you would not be disappointed at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo.

If all the history and insightful art become a bit too heavy for your little ones, and obviously so, then Museo de los Ninos would do justice to their spirit. The children’s museum is highly interactive with its dedicated sections covering space exploration, physics, biology and the likes to entice your kids.


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