Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is a Western European nation that borders Germany to the west and France to the East. The capital city, Brussels, is an exciting city to visit. Many tourists visit this city every year and get to enjoy the splendors that are offered by this European city. There are plenty of interesting things to do in Brussels. One of the most important places to visit is Grand Place. Grand Place is located at Central Square and offers some of Europe most exquisite urban views. Here, some of the finest guild halls can be viewed. Also here is the magnificent Town Hall, a museum, lots of intimate cellar restaurants as well as pavement cafes. This square has a marvelous history and dates back to the 12th century.

While in Brussels, a visitor may set out to enjoy the delights offered at Rue des Bouchers. Here, a visitor is bound to be enticed by one of the many sea food restaurants located on this street. The streets are made of cobblestone and are ideally suited for pedestrian and are ideal for easy strolling across this amazing part of town. There are plenty of dining tables on both sides of the street, affording visitors a chance to sample some local as well as international cuisines.

Back in 1958, Belgium hosted the World Fair and they designed the Atomium for this purpose. It is designed and modeled after a crystallized molecule but magnified hundreds of millions of times. Visitors can use an escalator to travel to the Atomium which has many different spheres. The top sphere houses a restaurant which can be graced and enjoy the magnificent views from high above the city.

The Horta Museum is another great place of interest and a major tourist attraction in the city of Brussels. This is an amazing museum that is worth visiting. The museum was built and design by among others, Victor Horta and hence the name Horta. The museum of natural sciences is another great attraction located here. Kids and young people will enjoy observing dinosaurs.

Am sweet is yet another attraction in Brussels. This exciting restaurant is located on two floors and spirals beautifully from the ground upwards. It is an interesting restaurant with neatly organized tables and resembles Parisian apartment buildings. They are very popular with both local visitors as well as international visitors from Europe and around the world. These are just a couple of great Things to do in Brussels.

Brussels is a treasured major capital in Europe especially because it is the headquarters of the EU or the European Union. It is therefore a great European city with people from all across Europe. Other great things to do in Brussels include visiting the great chocolate manufacturing centers where they can sample some magnificent chocolates and also discover the Old Town, basically the crown of jewel in Belgium. In the middle of the city of Brussels there are plenty of great chocolate manufacturers and people can manage to sample these immensely delicious Belgian chocolate.

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