Things to do in Bruges, Belgium

The city of Bruges in Belgium is one of the most beautiful and historic centers of Europe. Bruges is found in north-western Belgium, and has a population of about 120,000 with about 20,000 living in the historic centre. The historic centre of Bruges has actually been recently recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the enduring commercial and cultural significance of the city in addition to the Gothic Architecture that has withstood the test of time.

Due to the beauty in addition to the historic nature of Bruges, it makes a beautiful vacation place for anyone and everyone, not just those with an interest in history. Bruges is nevertheless home to many historic sites that are worth checking out. The city’s origins go all the way back to medieval times and relics of the rich history can be found everywhere in Bruges.

The Bruges Town Hall was first constructed in 1376 and is open for tours to the public. The town’s governance has governed from the site for over 700 years. Guided tours can show you the Gothic Chamber within the Town Hall and can interpret the paintings inside that tell the rich history of the City.

The Bruges Market is also a great place to check out. It is the location of a multitude of shops and tourist nooks that are a staple for many tourists. Due to the historic past of Bruges, many religious landmarks are found in the area as well. Some of these include St. Walburga’s Church, St. James Church, and Jerusalem Church.

Apart from the historic sites and attractions of Bruges, there are also many other things to do in the area that can be fun and exciting for people of all ages. Bruges Ballooning offers a novel experience that be thrilling and enlightening. A hot air balloon ride over the historic city of Bruges and the region of West Flanders can be a thrilling experience with some of the best panoramic views imaginable. Furthermore, trips are available at sunrise and sunset, which can provide an amazing experience and an epic photo opportunity.

For the kids, there is also a multitude of things to do and see. Rail City is a unique place that can be interesting for many kids. An entire miniature town is connected by rails with numerous trains and locomotives. For kids who are more out-going and want a little more thrill and excitement, Boudewijn Theme Park and Dolfinarium provides the best location.

Boudewijn Theme Park contains a multitude of amusement park rides and exciting play areas for kids of all ages. Furthermore, The Dolfinarium has daily shows that can provide kids with new experiences with Dolphins. In summary, Bruges can make a great destination for people of all ages and interests, with all sorts of activities and attractions.

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