Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts, USA

One of the oldest living settlements in the United States, as well as the biggest city in the state of Massachusetts, Boston is considered to be the definitive travel destination for those considering a visit to New England. It’s not hard to see why either, as the city is an eclectic mixture of Old World European-style charm and uniquely American culture.

Whether you’re into music or history, delicious cuisine or colorful local events, you can rest easy knowing that there are plenty of things to do in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Recommend you search for hotels near the Quincy Market area to make the most of your stay in this historic city. Also, don’t forget that there are plenty of great day trips to take from Boston.

Historical Attractions

Those visiting Boston for a taste of real American history may want to make sure a visit to Freedom Trail is high on their list, as it passes 16 different points that will be of great interest to you. This makes it an easy, simple, and affordable way to introduce yourself and the family to the city! Don’t miss the Massachusetts State House, as it’s a working government building that’s been fully active since 1796. You may also be interested in taking your friends or children to visit Faneuil Hall, Boston’s very first town hall. The market that fills the ground floor has been in place for the entirety of the building’s history and includes plenty of places to eat, as well as live performances by a variety of street performers.


Music lovers have no doubt heard of the Boston Philharmonic! Be sure to plan your trip around at least one visit to see its 96 musicians and excellent conductor bring your favorite pieces to life for you. Boston is also famous for its historically rich parties, parades, and holiday events. If you’re planning on being there in the summer, you might want to consider checking out the smorgasbord of Independence Day parades and festivals. Boston is also an excellent place to spend New Year’s Eve. Check out the Global Gala’s annual bash!


As Boston is a seaside town, no list of things to do in Boston, Massachusetts, USA would be complete without plenty of time set aside to enjoy the local seafood offerings. Everyone has heard of Boston clam chowder and you simply haven’t lived until you’ve had an authentic bowl of it from the city itself. Oysters are also an important local staple, so be sure to schedule a dinner at one of the city’s many historic pubs or oyster houses before you head home.

As you can see, Boston really does have a little something to offer anyone. Whether you’re there for the chowder or to treat the kids to a super fun history lesson, you won’t soon forget your visit to this beautiful American city.

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