Things to do in Bodrum, Turkey


Bodrum is an elegant port city located in Southwestern Turkey along the Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum is the site of many historical attractions and is an excellent place to visit for people of all ages and interests. In this article, some of the most popular and exciting attractions in Bodrum, Turkey will be explored.

Castle of Saint Peter

When Crusader knights arrived in what is today Bodrum, Turkey, they began building the Bodrum Castle, or the Castle of Saint Peter. Since that time, the castle has undergone many changes and served many purposes. Today it houses many different exhibits. Guests will be astounded by the ornate architecture and the colorful history of this fortress.


In the 11th century, the kingdom of Caria (which once contained Bodrum) was founded. It was later engulfed by the Persian Empire and was led by Mausolus. After his death, an enormous, ornate tomb was built in his honor. The Mausoleum stood for centuries until it was destroyed for its building materials. Although the Mausoleum is today in ruins, its beautiful setting and fascinating history make it worth seeing.

Museum of Underwater Archaeology

Located inside the walls of the Castle of Saint Peter, the Museum of Underwater Archaeology displays items found during archaeology missions off the coast of Bodrum. Along with these exhibits, visitors can marvel at maps, drawings, videos and displays that help provide more information about the artifacts. This museum is perhaps one of the most unique in Turkey and in the Mediterranean as a whole and is definitely worth the trip.


Located just beyond the Bodrum Marina, the newly restored shipyard offers a children’s playground, amazing views, and occasional art shows and events. After the Ottoman fleet was destroyed in 1770, shipyards like these were used to rebuild the fleet from scratch. Later, this shipyard was used to protect Bodrum from pirate invasions. This attraction appeals to both young and older visitors alike.

There are plenty of flights to Bodrum, Turkey  and it is an excellent vacation spot for families, couples, or anyone interested in architecture and history. Some of the most exciting things to do are easily accessible and can be fun for all ages. In addition to these attractions, Bodrum also offers a unique food and live entertainment scene that can appeal to many different tastes. Consider visiting some of the attractions listed in this article on your next trip to Bodrum, Turkey!

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