Things to do in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is not only Germany’s capital city, it is also Germany’s largest city. It is alive with culture, media, nightlife and is rich in history. Berlin is a major travel destination and is currently the third most visited city in Europe. Whether you find yourself visiting for business or pleasure, there are certain sights you should not miss and plenty of things to do in Berlin, Germany.

Festivals and Events

No matter what your taste in music, art or film, you will be able to find something to suit you while visiting this vibrant city. The Berlin International Film Festival is in February and attracts celebrities and tourists from all over the world. The Carnival of Cultures is held in May and celebrates the diverse range of cultures in the city of Berlin. The carnival consists mainly of parades and is an annual event. The Berlin Marathon is held each September and over 40,000 people compete each year, coming from over 100 countries to run almost 43 km.

Visit the Berlin Wall

Not only one of the most popular tourist attractions in Berlin, but also one of the most historically significant is the Berlin Wall. Erected in 1961, the wall was put in place to divide East and West Berlin, and stop the residents from the east from fleeing to the west. The wall was condemned in 1989 and its destruction was celebrated around the world.

Take in a Museum

Berlin has many incredible museums for you to see. It’s top museums are listed as: the German Historical Museum, the DDR Museum – an interactive museum, the Pergamon Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Topography of Terror. The latter was the central location from which the Nazi’s planned and managed most of their crimes. It was partially destroyed during the war and sat forgotten until the early 1980’s when it begun its transformation in to a center for the documentation of Nazi crimes.

See the Zoo

Berlin has one of the biggest and most impressive museums in Europe, with over 14,000 animals. And don’t forget the aquarium which is adjacent to the museum and houses hundreds of species of fish, reptiles and insects.
It is easy to see why Berlin has become such a busy tourist destination. Since the destruction of the Berlin wall, the city has become one of the world’s top cultural, political and economic leaders. There is an ultra modern transit system and hotels and restaurants to fit all tastes and budgets.

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