Things to do in Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is an awesome place to visit and the locals swear by it as an even better place to live. It is actually the states Capital. Accommodations are easy to come by if you are a tourist. You can book apartments or hotels. If you book a month in advance you may even be able to save some money on your lodging needs. However, last minute lodging needs can be easily addressed as well in one of the smaller, clean and quaint motels in the area. If you’re looking to have a more complete package, there are services such as Freedom Australia holidays to Australia.

This is a city that you can stroll through and window shop all day long. The shops are plentiful, and who knows, you may even find something you like. There are so many options that it is almost overwhelming. Aside from the sops, there are zoos, spas and local events.

You may want to visit a museum or catch a performance. These are things that you have a plethora of choices in as well. Sporting events are also common to the area as are performances by some legendary stars. It is all about what local events are scheduled during your stay. It helps to do a search to see what is scheduled before you go and have a game plan. This is a city worth seeing, and there is plenty to do there both indoors and out. The landscapes and the wildlife are enchanting, and it is a place that you will long to revisit. This is especially true with the locals being so welcoming, friendly and helpful.

Once you get settled in there is no shortage of things to do. You can go sight-seeing around the city, take a wine tour, visit Kangaroo Island or even take a ride on the Murray River Boat that includes lunch. People have really raved about the tour they offer in Coorong Wilderness. It is an 8 hour tour that is both enchanting and exciting.

The Bed and Breakfast is a nice touch. Plus, there are a number of fibulas restaurants to house from in the area. Whatever your taste may be you will have no problem finding a fantastic place to eat that is also affordable.

You can hire a car for a little extra cash. This is a good idea for anyone who may not be familiar with the area. It gives you the advantage because they will know some of the best places to go and visit on your stay in Adelaide, Australia.


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