The world’s greatest indoor gardens

photo by CC user Allie Caulfield on Flickr

Want to discover the world’s greatest indoor gardens? This post will uncover the finest indoor green spaces that can be found around the globe…

1) Devonian Gardens, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Offering a green respite in the middle of the severe winters that this Canadian Prairie province is famous for, the Devonian Gardens is a place that many office workers in Canada’s wealthiest city visit during their weekday lunch breaks.

Open on weekends as well, this recently refurbished urban gem features a green wall, koi ponds that will fascinate your children, and sculptures installed by local artists.

Attached to The CORE, downtown Calgary’s main mall, there is a food court close by with an abundance of meal options after you have finished exploring this cool hidden attraction.

2) Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

With year around temperatures hanging just above thirty degrees Celsius and consistent rainfall, equatorial Singapore is the perfect place for one of the most epic green spaces in the world.

While much of this lush yet futuristic public park sits outside, Gardens by the Bay has a number of covered glasshouses that allow plants from different parts of the world to be featured to locals and tourists alike.

Be sure to drop by again in the evening during your time in Singapore, as the sculpture and function orientated SuperTrees are lit up in all their LED glory at that time.

3) Eden Project, Cornwall, England

Spearheaded by former archeologist and music mogul Tim Smit, the Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s leading attractions, with its iconic hexagonal greenhouse domes being nearly impossible to miss.

Housing plants of the tropical and Mediterranean variety in two domes suited to their needs, the aim of the Eden Project is to educate the masses on the interdependence that people and plants depend upon to thrive.

Learning aside, be sure not to miss the flower beds encircling the bee on the outside of the structures in mid-summer, as its beauty makes for an excellent photo opportunity.

4) United States Botanical Garden, Washington, DC, USA

Appropriately situated within the capital city of America, the United States Botanical Garden in the oldest continually operating facility of its kind in the country.

Open 365 days a year, this place is a great place to go when you want to get away from the typical tourist attractions that define the District of Columbia.

With 12 different habitats (including a Hawaii-themed room) and over 10,000 specimens, this place is a botanist’s dream come true.

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