The big dream: your wedding & Honeymoon in Bali


Doesn’t every couple dream of getting married and honeymooning on a white sandy palm-fringed beach by the sea on an exotic island like Bali? For most people, it remains a daydream for all of their life but actually, you can make it happen and it is not that hard at all! You can even book your wedding and honeymoon in Bali in one go, read more.  Not only will you get the best prices, saving money on airline tickets and more, but you can also count on the diversity that Bali Island. has to offer. There are so many things to see and experience on this magical little island that you will never get bored. The island is small but there are endless beautiful beaches, lush green river valleys, peeking volcanoes, sacred temples, emerald rice paddies and amazing luxury stays. The island truly is unique and couples in love are bound to have the most amazing and romantic time of their lives on these sacred grounds. Dream big and let’s go this!

The most impossible wedding locations

Couples can get married at the most impossible places on Bali Island with mind-blowing views to take your breath away. How about saying your vows at the edge of a high dramatic ocean cliff in Uluwatu? Or, how about declaring your love at the foot of a cascading waterfall surrounded by the raw, unspoiled tropical nature of Ubud? You can also get married with your feet in the sand on a secret beach or a remote island or you can choose to climb up a volcano to prove your love worthy with the Gods of Bali as your witness. Bali has got everything and a whole lot more. You just need to find the right wedding agency and make it happen.

The right wedding company

Talking about finding the right wedding company to plan your wedding and honeymoon in Bali, I’d recommend The Seven Agency. This company is all about hidden places and unique weddings as they believe that ‘no two weddings should be the same’. Just check their wedding packages This Bali-based agency offers great packages that combine weddings and honeymoons and yet there is nothing standard about it. You can even design your own package or make modification whenever and wherever to your personal likings. The experts at the seven agency have made it their life’s work to find the most amazing locations and wedding spots, both on and off the beaten track, and they have been praised by hundreds of couples who decided to get married in Bali in the past years.

Experience and personal attention

Unlike most wedding agencies, The Seven Agency makes it personal. They won’t organize the same wedding twice – all are unique to fit the dreams, hopes and wishes of the couple engaged to be married. With over 2000 weddings on their name, The Seven Agency has got a mountain of experience and when looking at the reviews of these newlyweds, you know you are in great hands! Do have a look at their portfolio and decide for yourself!

Daydreams can come true

Your wedding and honeymoon in Bali are no longer left to daydreaming. You can make it happen and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You were going on honeymoon anyway, right? So, get the most of those expensive flight tickets and make your wedding stand out by planning it in Bali, followed by the most romantic honeymoon imaginable. It will be amazing!



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