Take a break from winter in Las Vegas

Take a break from winter in Las Vegas

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Looking for something to jolt you out of the winter doldrums? There is no place on Earth that can get you out of your funk quite like Las Vegas.

From lively shows to exciting gaming, there are plenty of attractions that everyone already knows about. However, this town is not the two-dimensional place that it was in the past.

In this article, we will share ideas that will make your trip to America’s most exciting city one of the more memorable trips you have taken in a long while. Remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty of things to do in Las Vegas, it’s one of the world’s most interesting cities.

Take to the skies

If you want to appreciate the brilliance of Las Vegas, the best way to do so is to treat yourself to a helicopter tour.

Most tour companies will shuttle you just south of Las Vegas to Boulder City, where you will take off for The Strip just before dusk.

With the day’s light rapidly slipping away, you will gain a new appreciation for the colorful lights that been a part of this city’s identity for generations.

However, their most popular offering involves taking their customers right into the heart of the Grand Canyon.

Soaring above the Western Rim of the world’s largest chasm, you will be able to see how big this wonder of the world actually is.

Some companies also offer a picnic lunch with champagne on the canyon floor, so if you are looking for a romantic activity to do together as a couple, strongly consider signing up for this activity.

Attend a pool party

Want to attend one of Las Vega’s infamous pool parties? If you are planning on taking a trip to Las Vegas in the next month or two, you will not be able to participate in this popular Las Vegas activity for the most part (the Marquee Dayclub continues to throw parties year round underneath its climate controlled dome, but it is not the same as partying under the rays of the warm desert sun).

However, if you will be in Vegas from March onwards, there will be plenty of resorts on the Strip that will be offering outdoor pool parties complete with the hottest DJs, tons of beautiful people, and bars stocked with the finest liquors money can buy.

Explore Red Rock Conservation Area

Las Vegas has some seriously beautiful nature located a short drive from its downtown core, but if you try to experience these sights during the summer, it will be far too hot to appreciate them properly.

Mornings in Red Rock Conservation Area may be chilly between January and March, but daytime highs during this time average between 14-21 degrees Celsius (58-70 degrees Fahrenheit), making it the most pleasant time of year to enjoy a stroll amongst the desert sagebrush, rusty rocks and towering cliffs and peaks.

Rock climbers will be pleased to learn that there is a thriving community of scramblers here, so be sure to bring your gear and join the locals.

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