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Discover the best cultural attractions in Dubai this winter

Over the past decade, the profile of Dubai has risen significantly in travel circles, thanks in large part to the increasing number of airlines using its international airport as a flight hub on the way to Asia or Oceania. With plenty of Dubai flight deals that will get you to this bustling metropolis for a […]

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Uncover the hidden secrets of Iran in 2016

Looking to discover a nation off the beaten track in 2016? Then it’s time you discovered Iran. Made out to be far more dangerous than it actually is, those that fight through these media-spawned fears will find a nation filled with pleasant surprises, as you will find out in this article… 1) Persepolis One of […]

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Staying in the best hotels Dubai has to offer

Traveling to the heart of the Middle East soon? Don’t go small when staying in the capital of the United Arab Emirates – sleep in the best hotels Dubai has to offer. Below, we will review three properties that will give you the type of experience that you have come to expect given this city’s […]

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Is there a place you don’t want to visit? Here’s why you should re-consider…

Afraid to travel somewhere because you think you might get robbed, ill, or end up giving your country a bad name inadvertently by not knowing about a cultural norm? Don’t let fear run your travel life … here’s what you can do to overcome your apprehension of spots you don’t want to visit so you can […]

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Jordan: A peaceful oasis in the Middle East

Put off the Middle East due to recent headlines in the news? Don’t be, as there are plenty of places in the region that are peaceful and eager to host travelers such as yourself. Jordan is one of the best of these destinations, as there are plenty of attractions within its borders that will make […]

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Incredible Shopping Experiences in Dubai

For those looking for a getaway in the sun while holding on to all the luxuries and conveniences of a wealthy country, taking a trip to Dubai is a way to thaw yourself out while ogling over the evidence that makes it clear that this desert city is one of the most happening places on […]

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Finding Adventure on the Red Sea Riviera

In the perception of the general public and even among some in travel circles, Egypt is usually thought of as the place where those pyramids are. To have that impression of this diverse country would be doing it a disservice though, as there are many other experiences that can be had here, from the urban […]

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Dubai: From Desert to Metropolis

Dubai stands tall above the rest of the world, being the centre for global shipping and logistics. No less than 150 lines work in and around Dubai taking goods from all over the world to other countries. While trade is brisk and business is good there are many other reasons to visit Dubai – it […]

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The Best of Egyptian Beach Towns

“City of peace” is an ideal synonym for the idyllic south Sinai city of Sharm el Sheikh. Its nickname stems from the number of international peace conferences held there and some may say the venue was chosen for its transcontinental location, but I believe the tropical climate, coastal breezes and clear waters were the real […]

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