3 Things You Absolutely Must Do While Staying in Turtle Bay

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Turtle Bay is a neighborhood in Manhattan located in between Lexington Avenue and East River Drive in Manhattan.It is major hub of commerce and entertainment, with a number of skyscrapers and the United Nations building among some of the areas highlights

The neighborhood attracts famous celebrities, writers, philanthropists, artists, and diplomats. Many famous celebrities have lived in this neighborhood of New York, including stars like Katherine Hepburn and Truman Capote

Today, most people, both tourists and locals are attracted to Turtle Bay because of its amazing bars, shops, buildings, restaurants and parks that are spread across the streets. At first glance, you will think this neighborhood is jam-packed with many skyscrapers, but nestled between these giant structures are many smaller parks, gardens, sports fields, and playgrounds. If you are looking for places to stay around Turtle Bay, most are in close proximity to public transportation and also are an easy walk to all the sites in Times Square and Midtown

Let’s take a look at some top things you can do that will make your stay in Turtle Bay a unique one.

  1. Take a Tour along Historic Buildings

A prominent landmark in this neighborhood is the UN Plaza. The neighborhood also houses three other major historic structures. The outdoor areas of these buildings have walkways built, facilitating guided tours around the buildings. The entire area is covered with fragrant cherry and rose gardens, amazing statues, and outdoor dining cafes that offer tasty snacks to visitors as they take a tour around the neighborhood.

  1. Visit the Greenacre Park

During the day time, visitors and locals can enjoy watching the fountains, which flow in synchronized patterns at the Greenacre Park. At night, the fountain here is illuminated with vibrant colors, which creates an ideal atmosphere for couples. Upon visiting the park, the first thing that hits one is its absolute naturalness and serenity, the park being located some miles away from the hustle and bustle of the main city. The park also has an open air dining area, which makes it a more ideal location for tourists to visit. The entire area is covered with beautiful roses, plants, fountains, and outdoor spaces that make it perfect for people to come and enjoy a small picnic.

  1. Grab a Train at Grand Central Station

A stay in Turtle Bay would be incomplete without a visit to the Grand Central, which is one of the most important transport hubs in NYC. Amongst the thousands of train stations all over the world, this one stands out. The interior of this station is unlike any other; it is adorned with expensive chandeliers of delicately carved crystals, and the cieling is an intricate reproduction of the constellations of the night sky .

Grand Central Station of Turtle Bay has its own restaurants, markets, designer boutiques (over 60), bakeries, and chocolate shops. The bars here have fine quality wines and one of the most famous places to eat in the city is located here the “Oyster Restaurant and Bar”, offering the most delectable seafood menu around.


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