Spa Weekend in Ireland


When the weekend comes, some people like to stay at home and relax; while others like to go places like health spas. People often work hard during the week, and when the weekend comes, they want to go somewhere the can relax and get some much needed stress relief.

At the spa, a person can get treated to things like facials, manicures, pedicures, hair removal, and massages. In the country of Ireland, there are many great spas that people can go to for a nice weekend away from it all and a little body pampering. Here is more information to help finding spa hotels in Ireland to visit for the weekend.

The Monart Destination Spa:

The Monart House was built in 1733 by Nathanial Cookman. Cookman was a financier to the king of Great Britain, George I. The Monart House remained part of the Cookman family until 2002 when it was sold to the Griffin Group. The Griffin Group decided that the land and home would be a great place for a spa. Today, Monart is considered to be one of the best spas in the world. There are a number of treatments available at the Monart such as an aroma bath to get rid of stress and treat the skin, a seaweed bath that will detoxify the body, and a mud bath to help soothe muscles and relieve body pain.

Espa At the G Hotel:

Inside the G Hotel is a spa called Espa. The Espa is a 5 star spa, and has even won awards for their services. The spa is located on the very top of the G Hotel, and features 8 treatment rooms, a steam room, a rock sauna, a pool, and special room for relaxation that shows the view of a beautiful Zen garden located on the roof.

Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa:

Aghadoe Heights Hotel and Spa is a 5 start spa that is located in Kerry. The spa and hotel combination overlooks the Lakes of Killarney. The treatments available at the Aghadoe Heights Spa are facials, massages, wraps, rituals, and holistic treatments. There are many packages available that combine accommodations with spa treatments. The mission statement of the Aghadoe Heights Spa is to invigorate both the body and the mind. In addition to the spa, there are also a lot of activities featured at the hotel such as rock climbing, kayaking, walking, and zip lining.

When the weekend comes, a person who lives in Ireland can find any number of spas including The Grand Hotel in Malahide. That person can shed the stress of their week and spend the weekend renewing the mind and the spirit. Whether it is a house in the country or a spa near a lake, these spas have the job of making anyone who visits them feel better.


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