Sights to See in the United Kingdom


When people think about the United Kingdom, they tend to focus a lot on sights that are typically associated with the Greater London area … Big Ben, the Tower Bridge and the Shakespeare Theatre are things that typically spring to mind.

Outside of the big city though, there is much to see throughout its vast hinterland, from rustic charm of Wales to the rugged highlands of Scotland.  Since you have high ambitions to see this fascinating country properly, it is essential that you get out of London after a few days and see everything that makes this storied nation a top tourism destination in the world.

Depending on your budget though, you may be wondering what you can expect in terms of accommodation in the United Kingdom.  If you are travelling on a shoestring, the United Kingdom has a wide variety of youth hostels under the YHA/SYHA/HINI banners, with clean dorm rooms kept to the organization’s exacting standards, sociable common areas, and very reasonable prices, ranging from £10 to £20 for a bunk bed.

Those who prefer the comfort and privacy of a hotel will not be disappointed with the charming and rustic boutique hotels available in the United Kingdom.  For example, the Hotel Portmeirion in Snowdonia, Wales has entertained famous authors and royalty over its 80 year history, and costs little more than £100 a night. If you’re looking to really browse your options, look into Hotels by StarStay, Hotels near UK Towns and other website such as these.

Start your journey through the United Kingdom by seeing the Tower of London, if you only have time to see one thing in this city.  The history of this iconic castle dates all the way back to William The Conqueror in 1078, who used this hated structure as a prison for those who resisted his rule.  Since the 1400’s, this fortress was also used to house the Crown Jewels of the Royal Family, a task that continues to this day.

Outside of London, drive south and west towards the mysterious monument of Stonehenge.  Located near the English towns of Amesbury and Salisbury, it is posited that the prehistoric Celtic people that inhabited this land before the Romans came erected these standing stones 4,000 to 5,000 years ago.  The purpose of this place is still a mystery, with theories ranging from it being a burial ground to it being a religious site for pagans.  Indeed, present day pagans use this site to celebrate the Summer Solstice every June 20-22, making it an excellent time to visit.

After pondering the mystery of Stonehenge, head north, then west to Wales, a mountainous and charming sector of the United Kingdom filled with amazing natural landscapes.  Be sure to hike the hills of Snowdonia, stroll along the coastal cliffs of Pembrokeshire, and stop by the quaint villages in between for a spot of tea.

Next, head north past Hadrian’s Wall to Scotland.  In the achingly beautiful city of Edinburgh, poke around the Edinburgh Castle, heavily involved in the defence of Scotland during the war of Independence, waged in the 14th century.  Afterwards, slowly savour a single-malt whiskey to complement the crisp chillness of this northern city.

Finally, hop on a ferry or short-haul flight to Northern Ireland, and make for the Giant’s Causeway, located near the town of Bushmills.  These columns of volcanic basalt rock were formed through ancient eruptions of magma, and have been carved by the action of the sea and glacial ice ever since.

The United Kingdom has so much to offer … the above is just a short list of the wonders that await you on your travels through the British Isles.  The sights will astound, but the warmth of the British people will make your vacation here one to remember!

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