Shanghai for the business traveler

Looking for a guide that introduces Shanghai for the business traveler?

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Although the pace of growth in China has slowed down lately, there is no denying that it occupies a central position within the machinery of the global economy.

As such, you may find yourself being sent on a trip to Shanghai on business at some point in the future. If you have plans to visit one of China’s most vibrant cities in the coming months, this guide will help you make the most of your visit.

Transportation from the airport

The first you’ll have to think about when arriving in Shanghai is how to get from Pudong Airport to your hotel in the city centre. While it is possible to take a metro or a maglev train, trying to figure these systems out after getting off a super-long flight with all your luggage is not advised for the first-time visitor.

Instead, we recommend that you make use of an airport transfer in Shanghai, as these professional private car services will allow you to relax in style as your driver takes you the final miles to the front doors of your hotel.

The currency

Like the rest of China, businesses in Shanghai primarily only accept the Yuan, also known as Renminbi. At present, you will get about 6.75 Yuan for every American dollar.

In practical terms, you can expect to pay an average of $30 USD for a three-course meal, five-star hotels begin at $65 USD, and drinks in bars cost between $3-5 for beer, and not much more for cocktails.

While prices in Shanghai may not be the bargain they are elsewhere in Asia, you will still get much better value than comparable cities in the West.

Places to stay

If you haven’t decided where to stay in Shanghai, there are several no-brainer options that the busy executive can choose and be assured of a great experience upon arrival.

The Mandarin Oriental Pudong is lauded for their big, comfortable rooms and their undying dedication to luxury, while the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai is a favorite among those looking for an unbeatable location.

With a rooftop bar that overlooks the Bund and has a view of the iconic Pearl Tower, those looking to have a nightcap drink in an unforgettable setting will not be disappointed.

Where to dine

While there is certainly plenty of incredible local Shanghainese cuisine that can be found on its streets and in its restaurants, the rapid internationalization of this mega city means that a quality meal in many top world cuisines can be found in Shanghai.

Hakkasan is best for those looking to sample the finest food that China has to offer, with everything from dim sum to Mongolian lamb on the menu, while those wanting a truly excellent international experience will be satisfied by what they find at Scena.

Found within the Ritz-Carlton at Pudong Airport, this restaurant specializes in Italian, and offers excellent views of the Pearl Tower at night. If you are stuck on what to order, be sure to try the lobster pasta.

What to do

When you aren’t in meetings or closing a manufacturing contract with a factory owner, there is plenty to see and do in Shanghai.

Escape the chaotic sidewalks and traffic-filled streets by ducking into Yuyuan Gardens, plunge into the colonial-era Shanghai in The Bund district, and get a bird’s eye view of China’s most futuristic skyline from the observation deck in the Pearl Tower.

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