Road Tripping Florida’s Gulf Coast


Of all the holiday options that are bandied about in the travel media, no mode represents freedom quite like the wide open nature of the classic road trip.  With the automobile being born in the United States of America, there is no place more appropriate this year to undertake this sort of holiday.

Unlike the United Kingdom or other countries in Europe though, America is a massive place that cannot be appreciated by over a short period of time.  Given its size, the way to go is to pick a region and dedicate oneself fully to its exploration.

By taking advantage of some deals regarding cheap holidays in Florida from your favourite travel provider, you’re ready to tackle a truly beautiful section of this diverse country – Southwestern Florida.  With visions of cruising along the Gulf Coast with the top of your hired convertible down, all you need are some attractions to tie together the little intangible moments that make a road trip so memorable.

With that in mind, here are three points of interest to hit up when road tripping along Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Busch Gardens, Tampa

While most of the major theme parks that make Florida famous are situated in Orlando, Tampa has a marquee attraction in this category that will get your road trip off to a rousing start.  Busch Gardens was originally associated with the makers of Budweiser, and a legacy of that are the Clydesdale horses that have remained even after the sale of the park to new management several years ago.  However, most return customers come here for the gut-wrenching rides, and the extensive zoo, which contains over 2,700 animals.

The Ringling Estate, Sarasota

Speaking of our four-legged friends, they used to figure prominently in the traveling entertainment roadshow that is otherwise known as the circus.  One of the biggest leaders in this industry in the past were the Ringling Brothers, whose also founded the smaller but equally successful Barnum & Bailey Circus, moving it to Sarasota in 1927.  Having made a killing in this business, they built up a lavish estate in the Sarasota area over the years, which is open to the public in the present day as a museum. In addition to the history of his circus operations, you will also get the chance to enjoy his massive art collection and lush gardens, making this posh estate will worth a stop on your journey.

Sanibel Island Beach, Sanibel

No discussion regarding a Floridian road trip can be had without discussing the many gorgeous beaches that can be reached by anybody with access to a set of wheels. On this holiday, we recommend that you check out Sanibel Island Beach.  This place, which many Floridian locals hold near and dear to their hearts, is covered with many beautiful sea shells.  While you’ll spend plenty of time finding the one that’s right for you or your partner, the wild nature of this tropical paradise will prove to be the perfect apex of your journey.

Cruise around America’s vacation land this year

While many holiday makers are content to bake on a beach on their time off, others have itchy accelerator feet that need to hammer down on the gas pedal.  To satisfy this urge, make time on your trip this year for a road trip worthy of a captivating tale once you get back home!

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