A road trip through the Alps of Western Europe

photo by CC user Zermatt photos on wikimedia commons

Want to go on an epic road trip in the near future? The Alps of Western Europe have plenty of vantage points, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions to keep inquisitive tourists busy during a week of extensive automotive exploration.

Let’s explore a sample itinerary together…

Start: Grenoble, France

Begin your adventure through the Alps by flying to Grenoble. A small city nestled within the mountains of Southern France, Grenoble is as cosmopolitan as it is charming, as it boasts an art museum that contains pieces by Picasso and Warhol, a restaurant, bar and culture scene that has a 300 page guide covering it.

As well, there are peaks surrounding the urban area that allows for easy access to decent skiing that us supported by a thriving base of locals, so get the kinks out of your form before tackling bigger hills on your trip.

Albertville, France and Turin, Italy: Olympic cities for sport lovers

Take A41 and A430 to Albertville, which hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics. If you are into climbing, the world’s largest artificial surface is located here, so even if it is pounding outside, you can perfect your 5.12 slaying technique here.

Skaters can hit the ice at the appropriately named Olympic Ice Rink, where speed and figure skaters competed for gold more than 20 years ago.

If you haven’t had enough Olympics after Albertville, Turin is a reasonable drive away in Italy. While there are more sports related things you can do here, this city of one million people is home to the legend of the Shroud of Turin, and more recently, the Slow Food Movement.

Take a side trip to Zermatt … you won’t regret it!

Want to experience a mountain town environment that is more authentic in this modern age? Zermatt provides an environment where you can experience an Alp mountain town in the absence of cars.

To get here, you’ll park your rental in the town of Täsch, and from there you can take a train or a specially appointed taxi to take you the final seven kilometres.

Once there, you can simply admire the Matterhorn from a sidewalk cafe or restaurant, or you can get active by taking up skiing at the local snow sports area, or by biking a series of trails in the summer time.

Wind down the journey in Geneva, Switzerland

The last major city on your way back to Grenoble is the lakeside city of Geneva. Here, the shopping, dining scene, and the numerous museums and galleries on offer will help you finish off your trip in grand style!

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