Revealing Australia’s Finest Resort Towns


For those looking to get away from the Southern winter (which is closer than you think … brrr!), or those from the North willing to roll with the challenges of the wet season to escape the long winter dragging on right now, Australia is a choice destination.

With a large portion on this continent sitting above the Tropic of Capricorn, warmth is always easily accessible in this full modern first world country.  With such a large amount of terrain though, it can be difficult to know which town to pick when booking a package holiday to Australia.

This post will select three of the best resort towns in Oz where you can’t really go wrong, as these places have well-established tourism infrastructure ready to cater to your needs and wants.  Ready to start dreaming and planning?  If the answer is yes, read on below…!

1) Port Douglas

While young backpackers tend to prefer Cairns, Port Douglas is the resort town for fashionable, style conscious travelers. All buildings are small-scale, due to a local bylaw stating that no building can be taller than a palm tree, restaurants with cuisines that spans a wide range of global cultures are available, much of it at a high level of quality, and the beach is nothing short of divine. Celebrities are often spotted on these streets as well, so keep your point and shoot camera handy for a quick snap!

2) Darwin

The Top End of the remote Northern Territory hosts a city that is effectively an outpost of civilization amidst tropical mangroves and rainforest, with nothing but largely uninhabited desert further to the south.

While there are no real beaches here per se, the culture and other natural assets make Darwin well worth the time you’ll spend here. Fifty different cultures (from virtually all the major nations of Asia) are represented in this small city of 110,000, making for excellent markets.

Just outside the city, national parks boasting waterfalls, refreshingly cool swimming holes and amazing aboriginal rock art will give you a flavour of wild Australia like few other places can!

3) Broome

For those looking for a remote beach town far away from anything resembling the stress of urban life, Broome represents the ultimate antidote for that which ails you. Situated over 2,000 kilometres (or a 2 ½ hour flight) from Perth (which is the most isolated major city on Earth), Broome has a 22 kilometre beach where you can find your solitude.

If you always wanted to ride a camel, you’re in luck, as vendors offer rides near sunset, and once Sol has sunk beneath the horizon, take in a recent flick at Sun Pictures, an outdoor cinema that shows recent films.  Once you plunk your butt down into their comfortable deck chairs, and feel the breeze of the cooler tropical evening, you’ll feel a sense of relaxedness that can never be experienced back in the city.

Get Away To Australia Today

It’s no secret that Australia is a pricey country.  It is imperative then that you ensure that you spend your Aussie Dollars in locales that deliver maximum impact to your holiday experience.  By doing this, you’ll have a time Down Under that will have you coming back well before you know it!


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