Remote South Pacific islands worth visiting

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When people picture a deserted island getaway, they often envision a destination that resembles what many remote South Pacific islands look like. Below, we reveal four South Pacific islands that will make this common fantasy come true for you…

1) Tuvalu

While Tuvalu has one of the world’s smallest populations for a sovereign nation, it is this intimate sizing that gives its people their charming nature, making for an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. There may not be any vertigo-inducing volcanoes to gawk at on this remote coral island, nor are there many urban amenities that one takes for granted in towns and cities on the mainland.

However, with plenty of secluded beaches with swaying palms and cold drink in hand, we think that you won’t mind a departure from the ordinary for a short spell.

2) Solomon Islands

Strewn for hundreds of kilometres across the Coral Sea, the Solomon Islands offer a reprieve from the crowds, as its wild and untamed nature have held back mass tourism from ruining these South Pacific gems.

For the intrepid traveler though, the tantalizing prospect of scaling volcanoes, exploring local villages that scarcely see any foreign visitors, and snorkeling over untouched coral reefs is reason enough to brave the lack of tourism infrastructure that has made this place unappealing for less seasoned travelers.

3) Kiribati

Formerly straddling the International Date Line until the mid-1990’s, it used to be possible to travel back or forward in time by an entire day in mere minutes in Kiribati.

While this is no longer possible, this chain of islets far out in the Southern Pacific have plenty of appeal to keep bold tourists coming, with brilliant white sand beaches, and relics of battles between the Japanese and the Americans during the Second World War counting among the top attractions.

Don’t dawdle on seeing this island chain though, as rising sea levels are threatening to swamp much of the populated regions of this territory within the next generation.

4) Federated States of Micronesia

Stretching over thousands of kilometres in the Pacific Ocean north of Papua New Guinea, the Federated States of Micronesia offer 600 islands to explore and claim a slice of paradise for you and whoever is accompanying you on this great adventure.

Whether you wish to dive deserted features, mix with locals that still use stones as a form of currency, or simply recline on a beach comforted by the knowledge that you are about as far from your life at home as you could get, these tiny islets will grant you a travel experience that you won’t soon forget.

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