Rekindle Your Relationship In Turkey This Summer


Between the rough weather you have both endured this winter, the ongoing stresses of the tight economy, and a few other personal issues that you aren’t going to reveal to the internet anytime soon, your relationship with your significant other has definitely seen better days.

Your determined to make things right though, as your problems are hardly unique to those that have navigated choppier waters and succeeded in the end.  In that spirit, you have secretly planned some beach holidays for you and your life partner in Turkey this summer, as there are few things that do a better job at reigniting the flames of love in a relationship like crystalline water, soft sand, and a resort town filled with fine restaurants in an exotic country.

In the paragraphs below, we have outlined a general plan of action that you can focus on the detail work of planning your special heart-healing trip.

The perfect resort: Neilson Seaside Beachclub in Ortakent, Turkey

When picking a place to cocoon away to secure some precious alone time, atmosphere is everything.  While the Neilson Seaside Beachclub is a fabulous resort to begin with, boasting such amenities as a pool bar, a wellness area, and abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, they also offer two adult only weeks during their season, freeing you from the potential mood-killing presence of otherwise adorable little ones. As mentioned, a speciality of Neilson resorts is that they offer a wide array of sporting activities.  With options ranging from sand volleyball to tennis, and waterskiing to windsurfing, the active couple will find the right sport to bond over many hours of adrenaline-pumping fun!

Off-resort adventures

Being home to many developments during the Roman era, there are many timeless sights that you and your love can check out during your time in the region.  From castles that saw many battles during the Crusades in the medieval era (Bodrum Castle), to ancient amphitheatres and city gates that date back to the times of the Romans and Greeks, there are ancient structures with engrossing backstories everywhere you look here.

Romantic restaurants

There are many places in the area that provide the perfect backdrop for you and your partner to reconnect emotionally over deeply delicious food and the soft glow of candlelight.  One place that warrants a mention above others is Kocadon, a restaurant situated in a 100+ year old stone building and a character-filled courtyard.  Jazz music will fill the aural void and the best local Turkish cuisine will dance across your taste buds, making this well-known establishment a shoe-in for dinner on one of the nights you are here.  If you don’t feel like leaving the resort, there is al fresco dining available here as well, with the added benefit on being located within sight of the beach.

Tune up your relationship in Turkey

Many aspects of modern life conspire to make our lives a joyless affair.  In this environment, relationships suffer, so it is necessary to take them to places like Turkey to fill them with the energy that they need to thrive in the long run.

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