Jordan: A peaceful oasis in the Middle East

Photo by CC user Berthold Werner on wikimedia

Put off the Middle East due to recent headlines in the news? Don’t be, as there are plenty of places in the region that are peaceful and eager to host travelers such as yourself.

Jordan is one of the best of these destinations, as there are plenty of attractions within its borders that will make a trip here full of activity from start to finish. Below, we will give you an idea what is possible in this peaceful oasis in the Middle East …

Get a glimpse of an ancient civilization at the ruins of Petra

It would be a shame if you didn’t discover the ancient ruins of Petra during your stay, so be sure to get this timeless attraction out of the way soon after your arrival in Jordan.

Serving as the capital of the reclusive Nabataean kingdom, this hidden city fell into ruin after an earthquake damaged its water works, sending it on a downward spiral that led to it being abandoned in the 12th century.

Despite being left at the mercy of the elements for 800 years, highlights like the Treasury and the Monastery have passed the test of time, and with a bit of restoration, it has been returned to much of its former glory.

Other things to see at Petra include the Roman Theater and the Royal Tombs, but do not miss the chance to see Petra after dark, as seeing the facade of the Treasury lit up by scores of candles will be a travel memory that will rank among your all-time favorites.

Get in touch with Jordan’s wilderness within the Dana Biosphere Reserve

Want to get a comprehensive taste of the geographic regions that make up Jordan? The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the best place to go if this is your goal, as it contains 4 different climatic zones ranging from Mediterranean to a small segment of Sudanian like terrain.

Endangered species such as the Nubian ibex and the Syrian serin can be found here, making this park a great destination for dedicated naturalists.

Soak in luxuriously hot water at Ma’in Hot Springs

While Jordan is mostly composed of desert, it experiences cold nights and mornings, especially in winter.

Chase away your chills by taking a dip in the Ma’in Hot Springs, which bubble up from the ground, and more tantalizingly, also pour into the pools via heated waterfalls as well.

Enjoy epic views when you aren’t cooking yourself in the baths, or continue the process of unwinding the tension in your body at the on-site spa.

Float like a cloud atop the ultra salty waters of the Dead Sea

Finally, you can’t leave Jordan without experiencing what it’s like to jump in a body of water that is practically impossible to sink in.

At the Dead Sea, you can make this desire a reality, as the very high salt content of the water will prop up your body with ease. With plenty of hotels lining its banks, there is plenty of places to stay and get the famous Dead Sea mud treatments that will leave you with baby smooth skin afterward.

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