Outrageous Accommodation to Try in 2016


If you are a seasoned traveller you already know that there is very little variation in hotels from country to country. There are only variations on a theme. You may have different electrical outlets, different complimentary gifts on your pillow, and different cultural things in the room. But a standard room is a standard room! Step outside of your comfort zone and try something little bit different this year. Make 2016 the year that you experience something more outrageous!

Consider a stay at in a holiday villa in Tuscany – the perfect place for a luxury break in Italy. The area is known for its stunning beauty, vineyards and olive fields. If you visit during harvest season you may be able to help in harvesting the crop. There are many accommodations available and you can visit the beautiful Tuscan countryside as well as sign up for cooking classes, wine tasting sessions, trekking, tour lavender fields, and many other things that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Consider spending at least a week at one of the many luxury log Cabins in the UK. You can get rentals on lakes where you can step out onto your own deck and be surrounded by nature. Spend your days hiking through trails, bird watching, exploring nearby villages, or just relaxing with your family.  Some are equipped with hot tubs so you can spend your evenings soaking in warmth, watching stars, bonding with your family.

Stay at one of the luxury caves in Cappadocia, Turkey. These caves have been carved out of soft volcanic rock and they are a treat for visitors. They have the amenities that you require to have a lavish vacation while perched inside of a mountain with stunning panoramic views. Spend your days touring the area including wineries where they have been making wine for thousands of years. Spend your night relaxing in the cozy splendour of your comfy cave.

Pretend to be royalty by staying at one of the many castles in Ireland. They have been equipped with all of the modern amenities that you require to live like a king. Look out over lush green fields and rolling hills as you survey your kingdom. You can rent locations with full kitchens with staff or without or catering is available. Relax in luxury after you spend your days exploring the beautiful, historic Irish countryside. Castles also make great luxury birthday venues for a party to remember!

For a truly unique experience consider a stay at the Jukkasjärvi Ice Hotel in Sweden. Artists from all over the world arrive in Sweden at the end of November to build a unique masterpiece each year. They also build a chapel next door where couples can get married beginning on December 25th. The hotel is made up of around 65 rooms and features deluxe and art suites, snow and ice rooms and rooms for groups. There are lots of things to do in the surrounding area like skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobile tours. This is a one of a kind winter vacation that you will not experience anywhere else.

California is another attractive destination for people interested in spending pleasant moments on the sunny beaches or strolling on the avenues of Beverly Hills or other location where they may find a celebrity nearly at each corner of the street. No matter how nice are these places, if you don’t pay attention to vehicles, you may get involved in an accident that can ruin your vacation. In this case, you may need legal assistance as soon as possible, so it is recommended for you to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

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